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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    Hi I'm selling a legal Vista ultimate key it's 100% genuine validated and never used before. It will cost 50 000 credits on the forum or $50 through paypal. Vista ultimate costs $319.95 and upgrade is $219.95. It's very cheap but I asure you it's no rip off! I'm an old member and trustable...
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    Question about design

    I don't really know what to do so I got a question and want a honest opinion. I want to start my own company website(coding service, later webdesign will be added), I have my code done but now I'm strugling with the design. I have seen a nice webdesign on the internet that is currently in use...
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    Community has changed

    Hi I'm an old member of x10hosting. I found the site a year or 3 ago and was an active member and thought of coming back but now I don't see the point. I will explain this a bit. My first topic got a lot of good comments but a few people have hurt my feelings but telling a design I made was not...
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    Hosting design

    What do you think of this hosting design?
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    [Service] Coding websites

    Hi I'm coding websites to xthml/css, if you got a psd you want to be turned into a nice website. I can do that, I know xhtml and css good so I can make a validated website. my price would be around $10-$20 for a page then $5 for every other page but if the price doesn't suit you we can always...
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    I'm creating a website for a contest and I wanted to show you guys what you think of it. only header is done but taking a 30min break on it. I was thinking to change the top blue to gray. comments are welcome :) [Edit] Final version...
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    php mail

    I have a problem with my php script, it should send a mail when someone clicks the submit button, i've added the name="sumbit" to the submit button but it won't send an email, I think it has to do with the isset command. here is my code: <? if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { $headers =...
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    html emailing(subject)

    I've got a simple form that emails me the filled in fields but how can I set a subject to it, because now the subject is form sending of Firefox. Website text is in dutch sorry for that. <form method="post" action ="" enctype="text/plain"> <table>...
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    Wine website

    It has been a while since I visited this site and designed. My latest work, coded and designed by me, I just finished it for a friend(wine company) but wanted to hear what you think of it, I think it's decent. Just comment the design :) don't mind the text(none is...
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    Open source cms(searching)

    First I want to say I'm sorry if I post it in the wrong section, I read the rules about this section and programming section and thought this would be the right place. So now this is my question: Does any one of you know a good open source cms/market mod, something like that because I want to...
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    Selling webtemplate

    I'm selling a unique webtemaplte for an online business. You'll get the psd when you buy. Start bid: $20 Bid raise: $10 BIN: $125 Auction will close after 7days if you want it coded(xHtml/CSS) you pay $20 more. Screenshots: Menu drop...
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    Ok this is my previous webdesign but it's finished. Tell me what you think, also comment my drop down menu. The logo in the banner is just a quick example. menu closed menu open
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    New webdesign

    I'm working on a new webdesign but i'm stuck, I need to add some text/image in to the green box and maybe a good font for a slogan, company name. I also need some ideas for the content, how the structure should be. Please comment my design too!! I'm going to sell when finished. thanks in...
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    Coding xHtml/CSS(more to come)

    Hi I'm busy with my website but it's going slow because i'm coding it with php and I need to think about some stuff and in the meanwhile I could start my business a bit.. I'm now coding xHtml CSS Javascript(only little pieces) I would like to code for $$$ i'm not expensive, we can work a...
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    Website removed?

    Hello, I think my website is removed, when I go to the domain it's free again and at the account panel I have to link an account to my forum name. I don't really care you removed it because i wasn't using it anymore but soon i'm going to start a new website and then I'm going to need a new one...
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    New template(maybe new site)

    Well I just finished a new skin after a while ago. Thinking of maybe creating a template/coding website.. And this is my design for it. Banner needs a logo, but working on that. What do you think? any comments or ideas are welcome :)
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    IPB Forum

    Hi I need to make a ipb skin for someone but I want to test if it shows correctly on my webhost, the only problem is i don't have a license, so could I just download an non licensed(illegal) one to test mine, just testing. I think i now the answer:p but I thought why not ask it:D
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    forum skin(not finished)

    Well it has been a long time i've posted something here so well a new forum design in the making. tell me what you think so far. version 1: version 2:
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    class doesn't work

    Well i notieced classes aren't working anymore :s on my localhost server it works fine but on x10 it doesn't maybe some other people has the same problem..
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    Mail doesn't work

    hi well i got a few problems with mail, i have a contact form with a mail() php function but it stopped working it worked before but now it doesn't anymore i tried to send a mail to my hotmail adress with the webmail didn't work either, i checked if the smtp & such were on and they are.. so...