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  1. burner35

    Game Trainers - Do you think they make a game fun?

    When playing some games, do you ever lose? Can't get to the next level? or just can't beat that son of a B**ch? So you go and get a Trainer from Do you think playing with an automatic cheater makes a game fun? Or do you play by the rules and use your knowledge? You decide...
  2. burner35

    Need For Speed: Undercover - EA Says "This could be it..."

    Hello fellow gamers, EA Sets release date for latest, greatest and the BEST Need For Speed game out of 'em. November 18, 2008 Since Pro Street was such a failure EA put together a seriously fun filled interactive Need For Speed Game this year. It follows basic concept lines of the Custom...
  3. burner35

    Display User Login after user has logged in.

    Hello all, I am looking for the php code to display the user login after: > User has joined > user has logged out Example: > Welcome example to example! And: To display this when the user is a guest > Welcome Guest to Example! I have been unsuccessful of my Yahoo, Google searches Cheers...
  4. burner35

    Xbox - ??? 2010

    Has anyone heard of the latest xbox console in production right now? Some quotes: Read more > Some people say they'll release Console and Handheld in 2010. Can't wait!!! :O -burner35
  5. burner35

    Everyone but me can access my site...:(

    Hello, Sorry not sure where else to put this. Since about 3 days ago my site is playing up and is letting everyone but me access it. I mean They can view it, but I can't view any of the pages, even my cPanel. I get: Connection refused. Connection timeout. Page can't be displayed...
  6. burner35

    Adding to .php

    Hello all Web developers, I am wanting to know how to add things to .php i.e: .php?action=yourprofile Does anyone know how to add this/Create this? Thanks -burner35
  7. burner35

    FTP Denied Access

    When I try upload a file it says 550 Access Denied: Image Shown at link below: Help would be very helpful thanks I Have also tried: phpbb3 Forum Templates My Site icon text files php files It seemed to do this about 3 days, I...
  8. burner35

    APACHE HTTP Offline on Cossacks.x10

    I'm starting to get annoyed because The APACHE HTTP goes offline everyday and I can't do my work That is needed to be done. The server is Cossacks.x10 Server UptimeUnknown Server LoadUnknown Apache HTTPOffline...
  9. burner35

    Can't install mambo

    When I install mambo I get the error: The installation can not be completed:- You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain. There is nothing installed on /public_html/ I have a feeling deleting all the files on /public_html/ May have cause some problems...
  10. burner35

    Issues with site, domain, and cpanel

    I have a couple of problems with my free hosting account: I have a domain. -It's I have added the ns1.x10hosting and ns2.x10hosting The DNS seems to be down, also the Apache HTTP goes down quite alot. And I have cpanel errors when I log in from domain It...
  11. burner35

    Placing adds

    Need help with banner I need help with installing a corporate add banner for my site. I am using php So I can't really go any further with that. I am also using mambo. Clear: I have a php index I am using mambo I need to know how to install the banner or place it in Thxs, loads of help...
  12. burner35

    phpbb2 Suhosin error

    I keep getting the error: :mad: Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in /home/burner35/public_html/forum/includes/template.php(174) : eval()'d code on line 174 And I can't seem to avoid it, I have upgraded to php intermediate and that didn't help. More help than...
  13. burner35

    Domain Problems

    When I have changed My Primary Domain to and have pointed ns1 and ns2 servers to it, it links to the site where I got the domain from. Nothing has changed, and no index page that I created comes up when I enter that domain. Any help would be nice thxs, fastforza :cool: