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  1. kirtik

    exec ()

    When attempting to import a .t3d file for a free template in TYPO3, Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/kirtik/public_html/ on line 173 Is there a way to fix this or should I apply for the highest php level (I...
  2. kirtik

    require_once() disabled?

    *title* Encountered when using TorrentTrader v5.02. cPanel: kirtik
  3. kirtik

    Vista Help: explorer.exe doesn't laod at logon

    I installed vista ultimate clean the oher day... after installing all the software I needed, the next time I restarted, after I logged on, there was just a black screen, with the documents folder sitting there, open. I figured out that explorer.exe doesn't load at logon, and I have to manually...
  4. kirtik

    Internal server error on phplist install...

    I installed phplist by fantastico, but it gave a 500 error. Then i tried manually, but again, when I got to going to /phplis/admin/, it gave me a 500 server error. Everything is configured correctly (access to dbs, pop account, dbs exist, no typos, etc) but it doesn't work. Help? cpanel name...
  5. kirtik

    OEM Vista

    I recently bought a new laptop, but I only have ubuntu... I want to use vista, but I don't have enough money for the full version atm. I heard that I could use an OEM version, and it would be just the same as if I bought the laptop with it preinstalled? Is this right? Also, would I be able to...
  6. kirtik

    Parked domain 'already configured'.

    I'm trying to add a domain as a parked domain - I did it once, and it created a subdomain but no addondomain showed up. So, I deleted the subdomain and tried to add the addon domain again, but it came up with an 'already configured' error. The domain is, and the directory...
  7. kirtik

    x10exchange banners

    How do I centre x10exchange banners? They're always aligned to the left, even if I set padding in css or use the <div align="center"> code. Help? I think something inn this bit might need modifying...? <IFRAME SRC="x10exchangereferralurl" width=468 height=60 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0...
  8. kirtik

    Server Side Includes and Dreamweaver

    Basically, I want to add SSIs to my site so I have to do less programming. I created footer.html and used <!--#include virtual="includes/footer.html"--> to embed it into index.html in dreamweaver - but this just breaks my div tags in the code display. Help? Edit: problem solved. Saved as...
  9. kirtik

    DNS down...

    This is not a complaint or anything, I'm just pointing out to tnl2k7 that DNS is down on all adfree servers. Without a pm.
  10. kirtik

    Best place for domains?

    Last time I went with weycrest, but they weren't the fast at changing the nameservers *cough*12 days*cough*, so this time I'm looking for a better/cheaper domain provider. Anyone know of any? Note that I'm looking for domains only. :)
  11. kirtik

    Wordpress Automatic Upgrade fails

    I run a wordpress blog on my site, and every so often Automattic decide that I have to update it. However, it's quite a pain to do manually - this is why I installed the Wordpress Automatic Upgrade plugin. I followed the instructions, but when it comes to backing up, I get the following error...
  12. kirtik

    Review my site's design ^____^

    So, yeh, this is my personal site. I'm using quite a simple design; three rows in a table, and the colours/background/fonts etc are fully CSS'd. I change the design occasionally, so I'm going to put the style changing buttons (by the head banner) in the menu bar... the...
  13. kirtik

    My hosting account has been deleted?

    Completely. The login 'kirtik' doesn't even exist. I don't even have an email or anything saying my account's been terminated? If possible, I'd like my site back. ¬¬ Edit: It's back ow. 0_o *backs up*
  14. kirtik

    FTP not working ~#and#~ a domain question

    Hi, I was just uploading an image to the server, and it stopped. Dreamweaver says the FTP is down, but the server checking thread says it is up. It was working just ten minutes ago, so I'm not sure if it's me or cossacks. Also, my default domain in the cpanel is I keep...
  15. kirtik

    help registering my own domain

    I have a domain - - and i want to use this with my adfree hosting. However, when I change my primary domain to it misses off the .uk and I end up with Help?