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    Made a new avatar
  2. shadowdragon

    Thoughts on COD5

    What are your thoughts on COD5 : World At War? Mine- I don't understand why they went back to the world wars.I think almost everyone is sick of them COD4: modern Warfare was the best -----shadow dragon
  3. shadowdragon

    What's your graphics design project

    What is your graphics design project? Mine is working with my brother on his RPG making banners and avatars for people. PM me if you want me to make something for you?
  4. shadowdragon

    Game systems

    What is the best game system? I prefer the Xbox.
  5. shadowdragon

    iPod vs iPod

    What iPod is the best? I prefer the iPod touch it can do everything. The iPhone would be the best but with all the problems I prefer the iPod Touch.
  6. shadowdragon

    Halo vs Call Of Duty

    What is the better game. COD [any] or Halo [any]. I prefer COD4 the best.Halo is to nerdy for me. -----shadow dragon
  7. shadowdragon

    new pics

    I have been messing around with gimp and i made some new pics. Please rate them. I like the first pic the best.
  8. shadowdragon

    Gimp vs photoshop

    Which one is better GIMP or Photoshop? I prefer Gimp I always make pics with Gimp. -----Shadow dragon