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  1. dbojan

    Database problem on Chopin

    Seams that MySql is not working. My site was working for weeks and now suddenly shows: Error establishing database connection. I didn't touch wp-config of my Wordpress where the informations about database are stored.
  2. dbojan

    Giving 500 points for link in signature

    I'm giving 2 people from this forum 500 points for leaving my link in signature for one month. You need to have 200+ forum, for more details about link or anything else PM me. EDIT: Sorry for mistake I'm giving 400 credits for link
  3. dbojan

    Link exchange with

    I'm offering 2 types of link exchange with my blog It's blog about programming, web design, web development and seo. I only request that your site is legal, i will not add your if you have illegal content on your site or links to it, it doest need to be about same stuff like...
  4. dbojan


    How do you build good backlinks? Is it good to use some link exchange services?
  5. dbojan

    PayPerPost anyone tried this

    PayPerPost looks great for blogers. The minimum amount they pay you per post is 5$ and there is also bids of 30$. Unfortunately they didn't approved my blog because it is too new. The blog needs to be 3 months old and have minimum of 20 posts. I would like to hear what do you think about this...
  6. dbojan

    No awstats

    In my account i have 2 addon domains. For i have stats but for there is nothing.
  7. dbojan

    Link exchange with my blog

    You can exchange links with my blog. It's Priority have blog, but i will add every site which has links on every page. I need: site name, link and description.
  8. dbojan

    Greetings to everyone

    Hi to all there. I have sign up before few months but i'm starting to be active now. I have had many free hosting accounts before, and i can tell you x10 hosting is for now the best of all. ;);):naughty::naughty:
  9. dbojan

    Google, Yahoo, Ask toolbar

    Does anyone knew how to contact Google or Yahoo or Ask in order to become an affiliate of their toolbar? I want to include it into instalation of some of my programs.