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  1. evmdude

    Best CMS Script?

    What would you say is the best CMS (content management script)? I use Pulse CMS Pro.
  2. evmdude

    Hosting questions

    Been quite some time since I used x10.. so here we go. Do you still have to merge forum and hosting accounts? I ask since I saw no such option in the account panel. Do you still have to add an x10 banner? If so, I have no issue with that. And to keep my account active, I have to log into the...
  3. evmdude

    Review my comic site. Its still a work in progress, Hopefully I can get the current comics section started and more subpages as well. All comments, welcomed.
  4. evmdude

    Dumb question.. but..

    Where do I edit my sig? I cant find it in the settings.
  5. evmdude

    hey everyone

    I am a 3d digital artist who recently started my own comic company. I have tried a few free hosts and many.. well, suck. I like x10 alot.
  6. evmdude


    ESCALATION NECESSARY - Please relink my hosting and forum accounts. Forum account username: evmdude Hosting account cPanel username: evmdude