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  1. ilsonowl ... it's getting there ... Take a look and let me know what you think so far ... I was wondering if anybody could tell me how you setup an RSS feed for a news page ?!
  2. ilsonowl

    finally got round to knocking up a prototype ... Let me know what you think ... obviously content wise I need to get everything in there but design wise it's cool right ?!
  3. ilsonowl

    Special announcement :)

    My web designing has been put on hold again ... it's taking me ages to build properly ... I've been selected to open this years LoveBox Festival down on Victoria Park in London with Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, The Maccabees, Chase & Status...
  4. ilsonowl

    I can't login into my cpanel ... but website works fine still ..

    Hello there, was using boru to login ... admitedly it has been a while since I tried to login and have tried various places and passwords and nothing works ... Cheers, Matt Henshaw
  5. ilsonowl

    Help me play LoveBox Festival this summer ...

    Vote for me to play at LoveBox this year ... ... New Kula Shaker single ... catch me with them at Mogadishu festival in July ...
  6. ilsonowl

    I don't think I ever formally introduced myself ...

    I'm Matt ... I've been dabbling in code since I was in school and it came in quite handy when I was in my band as with myspace phenomenon etc. it was extremely important to have an online presence ... I am currently building myself a website between exams at University (final one today thank...
  7. ilsonowl

    Anyone good at simple myspace designing ???

    ... and would be up for lending a quick hand?? Basically I just want it sprucing up a little so it's not so plain ... pretty much so it looks like and/or And if anyone's that...
  8. ilsonowl

    Does this website display ok in everyone's browsers??

    Tell me if it don't fit in, links don't work, etc. etc. Does this link work?
  9. ilsonowl

    Any suggestions?

    Just set up my own website. Any suggestions? Links?? What should go on there? Know any nice tutorials to sex it up a bit? Lastly, but I suppose most certainly not leastly, you like the music??
  10. ilsonowl

    Site works but can't login on absolut ... PLEASE HELP!

    login = ilsonowl Been almost a month now :frown:
  11. ilsonowl

    I can't login to my hosting account and file manager :(

    Somebody please help me, thanks!!
  12. ilsonowl

    cant login absolut cpanel ?!?!

    hello. i've been logging in using this for a while but it's not working anymore from this weekend. And no other login method will let me in :(:frown:
  13. ilsonowl is now live.

    Thanks for the feedback given on my previous post for my first two web designs. is now a live working ready to be updated by its owner and i'm very pleased. But if you would please head on over there and let me know if there's any glaring horrible errors on there...
  14. ilsonowl

    My first two websites

    Let me know what you think. I'm currently studying and learning webby things in my spare time, by no means academicly or aiming to be professional but though people mght be able to look and find any mistakes bugs or obviously bad things.