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  1. shifat9672

    Difference between Parked and Addon?

    I am a blogger and I have been hosting my blog on x10Hosting for few months now. But still, I do not know what is the difference between an "add-on domain" and a "parked domain". What's the difference?
  2. shifat9672

    Chopin Down?

    Hello, I was trying to go to the wp admin panel of my website and ( and I was unable to access. Looks like it's down. Any issues going on? My website is hosted on on the chopin server
  3. shifat9672

    x10 Banner for Websites

    Hello all, I have made a simple banner to add to websites' footer. I hope you like it. Take a look: Here is the link for download : --- Shifat Taushif
  4. shifat9672

    Allowed to put Google AdSense ads on my site?

    I have one simple question. Am I allowed to put my own Google AdSense ads on my website? I have Free Hosting. Thanks.
  5. shifat9672

    Please Review my site

    Hello!I am a normal high school student living in Toronto, ON, Canada. I am very interested in computers and the internet.So, I want a simple review for my website.It is: in advance!
  6. shifat9672

    Server Down?

    My website is hosted on the 'Chopin' Server. Whenever I try to visit my site it gives an error message : Error establishing a database connection So, I tried to configure my SQL and PHP settings through cPanel, when I log-in, it tells me : Sorry for the inconvenience! The...