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    Blender Animation Request

    Having tried a few other forums / sites for help ( and attempting to tackle numerous tutorials ) I have decided to stop in here and hope someone in x10land can help me with a Blender request. I would like to make an animated intro for a video. I have a few .blend files ( 2 robots and a stick...
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    This can be a solution for ban countries policy

    I am curious if you bothered to read anything posted above? Somewhere, I seem to miss where it says they are hosting just for a "Select" group? Between US laws they must abide by and the cost of dealing with abusive customers, where is it they are just randomly picking people / countries? It...
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    It has made me wonder. I have PMed and posted twice without any reply from this person. ( And it seems if its the same person that runs the website that some / most are located on - they don't respond to e-mail either - even though the site states to contact via e-mail )
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    Do you happen to have any of the themes currently displayed here that work with the current version of WP ( 3.4.2 ) or can you show us how to adapt the themes to work with the current version?
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    Great tool!

    Can you give us a little hint?
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    Is this a legit. x10hosting e-mail or spam?

    I am with descalzo. Did you read what the e-mail stated? You are wanting to point a domain to your site. ( As you stated ) which then would mean you own a domain name and are not currently using a sub-domain ( which, according to that e-mail, is one that is specifically using a...
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    WordPress vs Joomla

    Isn't SMF mostly just a forum though? I have used SMF.
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    WordPress vs Joomla

    After having some issues with a theme that I am really wishing to use and not finding a suitable replacement, I began to wonder if I shouldn't just look for a different software to use. My thoughts are between WordPress ( currently using ) and Joomla. Both seem to be able to do what I am...
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    Do any of the themes work with the current WP version 3.4.2? As I am having some issues with one of them.
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    help me please

    Can you link to the game? I am not much ( if any ) of a coder / programmer ... but a bit of information regarding the game you are using, and I will see what I can do, or it will give others who read this thread a better understanding of what you are needing. Just asking for help on coding a...
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    Wordpress Theme / Template Help?

    I am looking for one person that has a bit of knowledge tinkering with WordPress themes. I have one picked, uploaded and activated. However, comparing it to the demo I saw of it - I am at a loss at how to get it to do what the demo shows. Would like to find just one person willing to help walk...
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    Still no dedicated IP

    From what I recall reading in various threads in this section, the dedicated IP will be for paid users. It was offered to Beta testers, but they have moved beyond that stage and removed the IP from everyone.
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    help me please

    Can you give us a little more information? What game are you attempting to make? Where are you getting stuck?
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    VPN issues

    Am I safe to assume that nobody has an answer to this? I understand the service ( and support ) is free, but to have 20 some views to the thread and not even a single reply of some sort ( even having others to confirm they are having similar issues ) is getting a bit hard to accept.
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    Cpanel taking too long to respond

    Thank you. Already did. ( ) Seems I am getting about the same level of support as I am here. So I figured I would keep both active. Someone has to have a helpful tip, answer or solution besides blaming my ISP...
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    Cpanel taking too long to respond

    Thank you Sharky. It does help in some aspect. Although it doesn't resolve the issue, at least it shows that it isn't my ISP that is causing problems. Unless somehow you are connected to the same ISP I am. *lol* As stated, I can visit my web address just fine ( and since it was just set up the...
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    Cpanel taking too long to respond

    Thank you to the 30 people (or bots ) who have viewed this thread and not replied with any helpful information whatsoever. To give an update ( and add a few things to keep from getting the basic "form-letter" responses ) A. I live in the United States, connect through CenturyLink / Qwest /...
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    No Site, No Hosting?

    I know this is probably off-topic, but wished to ask a question to clarify. If this is not the "official" support, then the tag under "Free Hosting" needs changed, as it clearly tells everyone that sees it "Official Support Area For Free Hosting". Am I correct in saying that either this is the...
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    Cpanel taking too long to respond

    I recently signed up with x10. I can access the account panel, it offers me a button to goto Cpanel. I click on it and the page seems to hang forever before stating "Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond." Panel states "Your account is...
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    LAMP Setup - Port 80 blocked?

    OS : Zorin OS 6 Router : ActionTec PK5000 I recently decided to setup a home server. Something simple. Nothing fancy. Certainly nothing that will draw tons of traffic. Maybe a few friends if I can talk them into visiting a page I set up. HaHa! Anyway, I set up LAMP and apache, mysql and php...