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    I was gone and now I am back.

    Hello sorry for not using the hosting service. I was totally aware if I wasn't active, my account will be suspended. My question is; Since my account was suspended, my website got deleted too? If so, I don't mind. I have different ideas for an upcoming project. And I like to hear more from you...
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    [Help] Game on my mind

    Hello, I've been having trouble thinking of this game name for some time. I use to play this game all the time in my elementary school's computer lab. All details I can supply are; - It is an island/tiki adventure game. - Educational word collecting game. Where you have a word and collect...
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    Game values website idea

    In many MMOs many people are often stumbled upon how much should they buy or sale an item. I have an Idea of making a values page for a game and for my self in general knowledge. Anyways, I can make a webpage and post values of how much of this item.... But its so tedious changing prices on the...
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    Change CPanel Password

    I can login to x10hosting and login to my CPanel, but I don't remember the password. This means I Can't use my FTP to transfer files. How can I make another password?
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    Website Idea Help

    Hello guys, I have an idea for a side-project for a website. A site similar like Urban-Dictionary, only for friends and my side-project. I want my site where people can Write & Upload a quote. Finally, you can Rate if you like it or not.
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    WordPress Help

    Hello Forum, I am learning graphic design/webdesign and I really want to make a website. I want to make a Portfolio, Project, and blog on the side... The problem is I dont know where to start with WordPress:frown: Anyways, I made this Template while I was sick. I hope you get the jist and...
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    Can't install scripts

    I get this message when I install scripts Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'theadmin'@''
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    WordPress Help

    Hello everyone, I am new to WordPress and I would like to make a WP Theme from scratch. The only problem is I don't know where to start. e.g) I want to make a portfolio, project site, with blogging. Last resort, If this doesn't work out, is there any ways to implement an easy blog?
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    Transformers Fans

    Hey forum, just looking for other Transformers fans out there. And I also need your help. I am looking to buy some DVDs, and I am not sure if I should buy the DVDs made by Rhino or Shout! Factory? Feel free to drop a few lines, hope I get some replies.
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    CuteNews Frame Help

    Hello everyone, I use Cutenews for my News Manager. I am trying to have headlines on my page, when people click on the headlines, the full news opens in another frame. I am wondering if anyone can lend a hand and help me out?
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    My Website Not Found

    Hello, I know I haven't been signing in the forums lately, but I try my hardest. When I found my website not found. Link:
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    WordPress Help

    Hello, I am a WordPress noobie and need help making custom themes on Wordpress. Just wondering if you guys can help out give me tips and tutorials. I used Cutenews for my blog for a great while, but that just ain't working out. Also, if its possible; I would like my index to reflect on my blog...
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    Removing Perfect Keylogger

    Help Removing Perfect Keylogger I got a Dell PC from an old friend last summer for helping them out. I never really used it too much just only for Photoshop, Web design, and Internet. So I finally Found why my Hard drive is so full, Perfect Keylogger was the culprit. I removed the "dt"...
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    Review my Site

    Hello friends, please review my Site here. The website is about my own little project site of me getting better knowing more about web designing. This is how it looks so far, I still need to make blog page, tutorials, and etc. I made the graphics by myself, they aren't too shabby. Anyways...
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    Help/Reset CPanel?

    Can you Help me, I was trying to CHMOD my folders to '777' for my news/blog script "cutenews" and I accidentally CHMOD all my files in my root (including .dot files). Is there a way you can help me, or reset my CPanel? I don't want to be vulnerable to any hackers, and sorry for the problem.
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    Website Structure?

    Hello everyone, I just have a quick question. I am just wondering is there any specific way of structuring your website? As you see sites that have multiple layers/directories... Example: On /name1/, does it have to be a page, folder, or any when you...
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    Wireless Connection Help

    Hello, I usually go over a friend's house to try to get on his Wireless Connection. He has a Secured-Enabled Network(WPA2) Connection. I only get far as Aquiring Network Address and no futher. I beleive my wireless driver is up to date. I am not sure If I can connect to WPA/WPA2, if so, how...
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    [PS2] uLaunchELF Help

    If anyone is familiar with uLaunchELF, it is an open source file manager for the PS2. I am trying to get some game saves from my PC to my PS2. Just looking for someone who knows about the same stuff and can help me. ------------------------------------------- I found my own problem out. Lock...
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    Integrate blog to website?

    Hello, I am just wondering if there is anyway to put a blog script in my site. I know I can use Wordpress, but I don't want to base my entire site off that. I tried CuteNews for awhile it works pretty good, It can Integrate with PHP. Ive tried finding a way to do the same with Wordpress, but no...
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    Can't Login CPanel.

    I believe I missed an upgrade and I can't access my Cpanel. Can you please help me out, thank you.