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    **it happens!

    **it happens!
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    What makes a great website?

    pss: If any one is looking for a great FREE shopping cart to work with... I highly recommend OpenCart. I have worked with their code since it's inception ... and unless you want to have it do something specific where php & mySQL may need altering... it's plug and play. Also really easy to...
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    What makes a great website?

    LMAO... I hope all realize your uninformed tirade belongs to you. By the way - I still hand code - no WYSIWYG ... and have been listed on many programming sites in the past including Netscape - before the AOL buyout and Live Update ( the later you probably never heard of ) Our programming...
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    What makes a great website?

    try Drupal as the basis for your site. It is openSrc and free. You can theme it to be any thing you want using the latest CSS3/HTML5 ... etc.. It is loaded with interactive features that you can turn off .. then on as you grow. Here's an example ... view it via any device...
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    Can't access

    Error I keep receiving .. I tried as I received the poison pen note that stated my account would be cancelled. Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to The OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a date in the future). (Error code...