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  1. Hermoine22

    Setting up mail on Windows Live Mail?

    I want to set up my email address from my site with windows live how do I do that? what are the servers and that?
  2. Hermoine22

    Joomla and Vbulletin design makers needed!!

    Hello I am in need of someone that can create designs for Joomla and vbulletin. I am using Joomla for a few websites I am working on and I need someone that cam make custom made templates for Joomla and also someone for Vbulletin. If you are interested please contact me through PM and or email...
  3. Hermoine22

    Accessing email?

    How can I access email from my website without going through cpanel. I tried but it doesnt work did that change by any chance? I thought that was always the way too?
  4. Hermoine22

    FTP access to other staff?

    Okay so I am wondering if I make an ftp account for other staff how can they change their password without accessing cpanel?
  5. Hermoine22

    Creating FTP account for seperate domain on paid hosting?

    Hello I am looking to give access to my directory for a seperate website I have on my infinity account hosting package. I bought a domain for a seperate website, in which is being created by a family member. I was wondering how I allow her access to upload the files to website? do I create a FTP...
  6. Hermoine22

    Best Domain Site?

    Hello I am considering changing the site I buy my domain from, any ideas of some good sites that sell cheap domains? where do you buy yours from?
  7. Hermoine22

    Looking for a good Registration System tutorial

    For a while now I been looking for a good way to incorporate a registration system for my website, I have searched endlessly online for what I need but can't find exactly that. I have realized I am not too advanced in this department and need alot of tutorial and step by step instruction on how...
  8. Hermoine22

    Looking for someone to help assist with coding?

    Hello I am looking for someone to help assist in coding for my website. I have tried and not able to create a registration system, I need someone to be able to tutor me and show he how to create what I am looking for. I am making a virtual hogwarts and I need the ability to create a registration...
  9. Hermoine22

    Co assistant/ Administrator needed Apply Within

    Looking for a co-assistant and someone to partner up to create a website for Harry Potter community. The website will be a virtual hogwarts with role play strategy, the person who applies must be able to meet the requirements listed on this application. If interested please contact me via PM or...
  10. Hermoine22

    Script needed

    Hello I am looking for a script that creates a registration system on my site. I need something that allows registrations, login and account management, I would need the following. Login/registration Automatically assigns a student ID to each member that signs up manage accounts/profile like...
  11. Hermoine22

    CPanel address for Infinity account?

    Hello I currently have a infinity paid account but i cant get into my cpanel? the current link I got does not work, anyone have it?
  12. Hermoine22

    Question regarding Infinity account?

    Hello I currently just switched to the Infinity account...from my understanding you get unlimited amount of sites alllowed? does it mean I can have more then one site on that account? if so how do I go about that?
  13. Hermoine22

    Graphics/Skin Designer needed.

    Hello I am currently in need of a graphics and skin maker for my site. I run a vbulletin and currently need someone to make skins and graphics. The site just opened today, my new project, however I got no graphics skills if you or know someone who can and is interested please PM me or email at...
  14. Hermoine22

    Weird IPB issue?

    Today I went on my site with the new subheading I had asked admin to change in my cpanel but now I cannot access my IPB board I get this really weird page I never seen before and it will not let me log in or do anything it just blinks on the page. I changed the link to the board on my cpanel...
  15. Hermoine22

    IPB License for Sale

    Hello I am selling my license of Invision Power Board for a special price of 100 USD with paid six month update(till may only) This will give you a license of the board. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me through PM and or email at
  16. Hermoine22

    Need Main Domain removal

    Hello I need an admin to remove my main domain from my server it is currently The domain is expired and will not renew this one. I cant access till it is removed. Here is my information Cpanel: prophecy Server: Sky
  17. Hermoine22

    Server for Cpanel premium hosting

    Whats the server address for cpanel paid premium accounts I cant access mine since my domain expired.
  18. Hermoine22

    Cannot login to client area in premium hosting

    I am having trouble retrieving my information for the client area it will not reset my password I am not getting anything to my email.Any help?
  19. Hermoine22

    What is the x10sitebuilder?

    I noticed on my cpanel that there is a new app for a sitebuilder, anyone use it yet? what does it do? Edit: I am getting this error when i clock on it to log in and start it. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_ea2294226a945f77c79515150260eb3f, O_RDWR) failed...
  20. Hermoine22

    Anyone ever use Mambo?

    Has anyone here ever used mambo? and find it to be very confusing? i installed it yesterday and went through it to try and work with it and its really hard. It does not allow me to delete everything, and the categories and sections make it really confusing anyone find this?