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  1. FengFeng

    HOW TO: IP Address Geolocation

    The code can geolocation the ip address.If it's a Chinese IP,you can get more detail in Chinese.Enjoy it. via Code: <?php function ip_query_function($ip){ $d =...
  2. FengFeng

    My hosting have been down for 2 days

    My hosting have been down for 2 days.What's the matter?:lockd: My or My username:fengfeng Plx help.Thx
  3. FengFeng

    Abt the DNS

    :dunno:i have a Domain Name i want to point to my x10hosting but i can just get the page about cpanel i cant reach my hosting how can i set it up
  4. FengFeng

    Why i cant reply the post??

    :dunno::dunno:When i try to reply the post(press the "add reply"),it said
  5. FengFeng

    The forums theme is cool

    the theme of forum is very cool!!! have they change the source of forum??
  6. FengFeng

    how can i login the hosting with telnet

    how can i login the hosting with telnet?? my hosting is, i have try it in dos >telnet >o (enter) But faile. Thank u for ur help
  7. FengFeng

    The fact of Tibet!!

    The fact of Tibet!!If you dont know the history of China and support Dalai Lama at the same time,it is a huge foolish behavior. Please learn more history about China before you support Dalai Lama If you can't get the youtube ,please go this...
  8. FengFeng

    whats the matter??the site down in a minute ago???

    :dunno:my i donno why it down.1 min ago,i was editing my blog.1 min later,i cant get it。
  9. FengFeng

    cant view and login x10hosting~~

    Although i have read the post from Xemnas But i still could not login x10hositng and view the site my account is fengfeng the Thx:drool: Edit: It always tell me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an...
  10. FengFeng

    a problem about the installation of wordpress

    when i install the wordpress,it echo out this Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of preg_replace() with /e modifier is forbidden by configuration in /home/fengfeng/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/kses.php(627) : regexp code on line 627 i dont know why.Thank u for ur replies;)
  11. FengFeng

    some questions about suspended

    the first,my site have already unsuspended.thank you very much about it.i have a forum in my site file,the forum is wirten by chinese,but it is just for my study of php.And it is not the main page.can i have some file in other language ??
  12. FengFeng

    About "My Account Has not Been Suspended "

    my site: i know why my Account Has not Been Suspended ,i will change my web into english,but now i cant sign in my site.plx unsuspend my site,Thank you.