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  1. bawii

    Anyone using Twitter?

    I see twitter more as a facebook status change for the world to see, without "(Your name here)" in the beginning of the sentence
  2. bawii

    Whats the best way to learn guitar (electic/acoustic)?

    there are many famous guitarist who've never taken a single lesson in their life I think you should first attempt to self teach yourself, and see how that goes. if you're having trouble or if it isn't going well, you should take lessons. self teaching yourself is less costly and you can go at...
  3. bawii

    The smallest USB stick

    I've never had a usb stick (I am so outdated!) kinda offtopic, but still on the topic of usbs:
  4. bawii

    Rate/discuss the above posters avatar....

    haha it's a picture I took of Washington DC at night from the top of my second cousin's condo and uhh... nice brain? :P
  5. bawii

    Rate/discuss the above posters avatar....

    9/10 for creativity, but I have no idea what it is haha I like the effect you used on the outer circle :D
  6. bawii

    Rate/discuss the above posters avatar....

    ... a pikachu mouse. haha nice yet quite terrifying
  7. bawii

    Which Weather you like the most and why?

    hmm I'd have to say I prefer winter over summer. it doesn't snow here in the bay area, but it does rain sometimes, and rain is amazing I guess I prefer winter because the overall atmosphere of the season is really refreshing. it's a time where everyone is generally happy and in the giving mood...
  8. bawii

    Time for New Year resolutions

    hmm maybe my new years resolution will be to be less shy or be more outgoing good thing I still have more time to think about it :D
  9. bawii

    Did Obama buy his Election?

    obama didn't necessarily buy his election... it's all campaigning. buying his election would mean that he bribed and paid everyone to vote for him, which of course, is illegal ... but I guess he bought our hearts with his great oratory skills :biggrin: scottnj: I'm not sure you know this...
  10. bawii

    Does Obama Want to Bring Back Slavery?

    I think the title of this topic is misleading... community service isn't necessarily "slavery". Why does community service have such a bad rep? it's not just picking up trash... it could range from serving tea to the elderly to possibly facepainting. it helps build character and also helps your...
  11. bawii

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    response to this quote: "people who taste power can become consumed by it" this only really applies to facist governments (hey guys, remember Stalin or Castro?) in the united states, we have a system of checks and balances to make sure not one branch has too much power (I took govt/econ my...
  12. bawii

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    why are people so hung over the fact that obama's name is similar to "osama"? just because your name is remotely similar to that of someone deemed to be villian, it doesn't mean they are an actual villian... a classic case of "don't judge a book by its cover" :/
  13. bawii

    :D Jokes :D

    what happens if you get stabbed by 1/t? it hertz! *dorky
  14. bawii

    :D Jokes :D

    haha that's terrible! would super lame pickup lines count as jokes? ... do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by you again?
  15. bawii

    In which month were you born?

    whee august! :D go virgos!
  16. bawii

    Internet Explorer Vs. FireFox

    firefox! I set my browser so that when I click a link with my mouse scroller, it opens a new tab :D after using firefox for a while, I feel so unclean whenever I use internet explorer! I think it's a shame that more people don't use firefox :/
  17. bawii

    Love marriage or arranged marriage?

    I'm for love marriage, but then again, I don't think arranged marriages are bad either way, I agree with opine4me that they tend to be looked down upon in western cultures there are many people in the world who wonder if they're ever going to find their significant other, and in society(which...
  18. bawii

    Boxers or Briefs?

    I'm a girl, so the poll really doesn't apply to me haha but the other day my friend wrote a compare and contrast essay for his english class, about "Boxers versus Briefs", and basically, what I deduced from it is that each have their pros and cons, briefs are decent for sports, but of course...
  19. bawii


    personally, I think it's inevitable that bad things are going to happen to you, karma is just providing a justification of why these things are happening when I went to warped tour this summer, there were some monks educating people about their religion. one of the guys talked to me, saying he...
  20. bawii

    asl pls? ^_^