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  1. port5900

    How long to make a web form

    I'm making a web form with 12 fields, PHP validation and styling with CSS. But its taking me like half the day to do. Is this normal?:dunno:
  2. port5900

    Parse error: syntax error (PHP)

    <?php mysql_connect("localhost","root","root"); mysql_select_db("cdcol"); $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM cds") while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo $row["titel"]; } ?> Can some one tell me why am I getting this error? "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected...
  3. port5900

    still getting suspended

    I have been posting on the forums like every day and i still get suspended any reason?
  4. port5900

    You never know where life will take you.

    My friends sister never liked me, dont know why. I dropped out of high school and one summer I was at a party. I went up to her(only cause she came with a very hot friend) and said hello and she said "Oh its Deyon the drop out". I was very embarrassed and angry. Her friend looked at me and...
  5. port5900

    Ideas for a Website (mockups)

    I'm working on a project for a company called v-Display. Their old site needs to be more sleeker looking. and they want a flash web site. Here are two screen shots of what I got so far which one do you like. I'm personally like the second.
  6. port5900

    Review My Site, I'm going all out this year

    This is my return to freelancing, I have a few people waiting to see my site. If they like it i should be getting some jobs to keep me busy this summer. Hope you guys like, and i hope It gets you guys in to web design.
  7. port5900

    The Unofficial Site Check

    Hey everyone, this year I'm going to try my luck with being a freelancing designer. So heres what I got so far. First let me tell you what works and what dont. Needs to be fixed: Business Cards is spelled wrong on the first page, LOL don't kill me on that! The portfolio page is not...
  8. port5900

    Spydertech Site Design(mock-up)

    So this is my bread and butter. Me and a friend started a company doing CCTV camera installations and Wifi networking in N.Y. Bla Bla Bla. So I need a site to look professional, neat, but still cool with out to much flash-e-ness. I started the design on pencil and paper and did this mockup...
  9. port5900

    My GunMetal Sig(for download)

    hey peoplez herez my sig. took me about an hour...any how its done from scratch in PScs2 and I have posted a link to the .psd file if you want to download and take a look at the layers. I used alot of the brushes to give it the dirty look.
  10. port5900

    Omg Your All Stupid!

    Why do all of you post the same sh!t over and over? I have a fuqin SSL error also, but WTF!; its fuqin obvious theres work being done on the server, so sit and wait! If your havin errors in one thing your going to have errors in other parts of your site plz stop posting stupid sh!t and read the...