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    Looking for a download script like pafileDB

    So I spent pretty much hours looking for a download script like pafileB and I'm not finding any good results. I really don't want to take the risk of installing a old version of pafileDB considering how many exploits are out there for it. I'm looking for a alternative to that download system...
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    Reset pass in phpBB through MySQL? [Huge points opportunity]

    I seriously need help with this. None of my passwords aren't working so it must be some password I entered on accident. I need to reset my own account on phpBB through MySQL. I do not want to reinstall it because some of my guildies are using it. I also don't have my email set in my own forum...
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    My domain???

    For some reason, my domain is showing up with another link... I'm not sure if I've been just hacked but my other domain thats hosted on there works. Could it be Anyone with domains having this problem? This fitbit is not my site just to state the obvious.
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    What can I do with a VPS?

    With all these downtimes for the free servers on x10hosting, I'm considering going premium service. This VPS service has me interested though so I'd like to know what can I do with it? Is it like a resellers account?
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    I'd like see some forums that are running phpBB so I can get an idea of what to do with my site. None of my youtube subscribers are registering on my site (I'm using E107) and knowing the reason why (content loads slow on slow connections). I've accessed it from a local library and from...
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    I didn't ask for it to be terminated!? I ask to be resetted and I said I was ready for it to be reset Is it going to be reset or what?
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    Cheats, bots, hacks?

    I kinda hate every portal system, they don't work too well and I lost interest into doing a full blown information about a game called Silkroad Online and 2Moons, but now this has gotten my attention. Am I allowed to have a game cheating forum? What I mean is like programs that let you bot...
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    SUHOSIN? Eval is forbidden?

    I keep getting this error on my site: I'm not sure if it relates to the problem in the news section but I made a new topic here anyways because it'll find it way easier. I did read the topic but I'm confused about the PHP Versions, but I'm guessing I need version two right? For that error...
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    Wierd Control Error?

    I've been trying to go to my site for a while now, even at school and I don't know why it doesn't work and I find this when I logged in. I don't know what server I am now because you guys keep making new servers >.> My info is in the picture itself to let you know but just incase: CPanel...
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    ftp doesn't work

    I can't login, Micro closed Live chat, just UGH. :mad: I'm kinda irritated when I want to edit my site that theres something wrong. >_< I tried logging through the IP, no work. I used my site url, no work. The site is really slow, and I planned this whole day to work on my forum...
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    Subdomain change help

    I tried to change my subdomain from to but it didn't work. So I thought the domain was dead so I switch to but it still didn't work. My CPanel username is lith. I've used both as name servers for each domain and no luck:
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    Arcade cheaters!

    After seeing some scores that were like you know unbelievable, I went and research on how to "cheat" to get a high score. So I found out and I won't tell how here but you should guys consider watching the Arcade ranks, I just tried it myself and this isn't no exploit. I think you guys should get...
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    Hiya o.o

    Hey everyone... i'm back. :nuts: lol, I came back to make a website but I see V3 is coming so I'll wait so if anyone still remembers me, hi to you too =P
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    All my points

    Read this if you're experienced with IPB 2.0. Okay, I want to make my board secure without being hacked. I also want to put modification/scripts to the forum. I will give you all my points if you fill my request. I'm quitely busy with school as you can see and only have time to play SRO...
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    There is no website configured at this address.

    Um, I tried to fix it by rechanging the domain but it doesn't work. I get this error: Domain Modification -> Modifing httpd.conf Modifing proftpd.conf Modifing valiases Adding dns entry Sorry, a DNS entry for already...
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    My opinion of the WII/360/PS3

    The 360,Wii, and the PS3 are just consoles. Theres no need for a god damn war between them because you're a pathetic fanboy who never got laid. (Joke) I own a XBox, PS2, and a GameCube, and they suit me fine. I have no complaints neither to them. You want gameplay, get a XBOX. You want...
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    Fix my account </3

    Domain: or User: sypher or Sypher Problemo: Account is f*cked up and I have no clue because I can't change back to my primary domain. Help change it to the Thanks. I have no clue to fix or what to do. :lockd:
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    IPB Help!

    Okay i'm using a completely different domain now. Though IPB is still using my old domain how can I change it to the current one now? Please help, I can't even access to the Admin CP. I need to get my site up or running or people will think my site died.
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    Domain won't work!

    I guess after the move my domain is really messed up. :nuts: I keep getitng a The page cannot be displayed error and I have the domain pointed to the name servers and everything. Status server says its up, and I really have to have my site online because of people constantly using the guides...
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    Make my forum beatiful

    Okay I'm willing to give all my points to whoever makes my forum beatiful, give moderator power and link your site. Also, i'd like someone whose totatly a IPB expert that the community says that they can trust if I ask you and like to do some modification...