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    Unable to use any PHP extension in any version

    Hello, Please help me with following issue please. I am utilizing this account since 2013 or 2014. Recently, for new clean installation of WordPress (WP). I started cleaning my account deleted all the databases and there users. Moreover, I deleted all the content in the File Manager...
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    Error 429 Too many requests.

    hello, kindly help me out i'm having Error 429 Too many requests. Too many requests. Guru Meditation: XID: 37483181 Varnish cache server when i try to login my wp admin panel. advance thanks for your help. have a good day.
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    Need to know the limit of sending email on free hosting

    I need to send the Newsletter to my subscribers list actually these newsletter require to be on time otherwise it will be use less so i need to know the exact email limit per hour under x10hosting laws so that i can utilize maximum but under laws of x10hosting. Thanks in advance.
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    Site is giving HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

    hello, A few min ago site was working fine but then suddenly all pages started to showing up HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Is there any issue going on? Please check Site: thanx.
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    Password Protected Directories are not opening nor prompting for username & Password

    hello, I'm using wordpress and I have protect my wp-admin directory with Password Protection Directories from the cpanel but after the 503 error is over the site is give this issue that it when I open my wp-admin it gives that "The page isn't redirecting properly" on firefox and similar kind of...