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    Hey guys

    welcome to x10
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    Hello world!

    welcome to x10
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    I am new here please help me

    Welcome to x10
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    New Buy/ sell forums

    New trading forum where you can offer your services post all your comments and feedback about the forum here Thanks in advance for you valuable suggestions and feedback
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    Earn money online in 48 hours!

    This has been closed don't join anymore Edit: Close this thread
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    Earn money online in 48 hours!

    The site is now working. You need credit card
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    Earn money online in 48 hours!

    I had joined in Dec 31st and until now I earned $12.
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    Earn money online in 48 hours!

    After signup you will be redirected to create a website which costs $1 and after that for every referral you will get $2. visit the site for more details. It will be a long summary to type here.
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    Earn money online in 48 hours!

    Free Web Builder - Create your own money making website in 3 steps. Free profesionally designed money making website templates. Free advertising on Yahoo, Google & Miva. Free Sign-up Bonus - To help you get started with earning money online. Free ongoing support to help you succeed. Get free...
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    Free Templates Set 1

    Thanks next time onwards i'll post the site link from where i got them
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    Free Templates Set 1

    If you need a free template what you will do ? You will search from any search engine and get download them and use it. The same I did I had searched over internet for free templates and downloaded them and uploaded to rapid share. I had not said/posted that these are the best templates or...
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    Free Templates Set 1

    Hi All , Recently I found some free templates I am sharing those with you. Free Templates
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    Get Paid by reading mails

    I tried with donkeymails but I am not satisfied with that
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    Get Paid by reading mails

    Its not just an ordinary text mail. Its a link to show a website for 1 or 2 mins for that you get .02 cents only not like where they pay you in dollars. However you are not paying a single penny to them instead of that you are earning. Forum admin has listed some scam websites...
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    Get Paid by reading mails

    Visit my blog here I had shown payment proof also
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    Get Paid by reading mails

    I had earned $26 I'll show you easy way earn some extra cash by reading mails by spending 5 mins a day, its not a scam you can find proof for the earnings also from here 1. Signup Reward: Earn $10 in your account as soon as you...
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    Post ads on the net and earn per ad typed!!!

    > Work From Home. > Part Time Job Work no need to work fulltime. > No Door-to-Door Selling > No MLM Scheme. > No Referring to others. > No Paid to Read Emails. > No Paid to Click Ad This offer is valid only in India visit blog
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    welcome to X10hosting
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    Hello I'm new

    Welcome to x10
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    Hi everyone

    Hi maric88, Welcome to X10hosting