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    While Looping Help

    First off, I will try and describe what I want done.. I have multiple data entries (shows) that are all set at one, and I want them all selected, from a different table it gets data based off the shows ID, and lists them out. However I am only able to get it to list out all the shows, but it...
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    SQL syntax Error

    I've been working at this for quite a while now and cannot figure out what the error it..I am trying to insert something into the database and it keeps telling me this: errorYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax...
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    ^>v game

    ^ state something about the person who posted above you > something about yourself v a guess about the person who is about to post ^ no one. > is hungry v has a headache?
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    I am trying to get some crons to work for my site, I have this /home/pony/public_html/payy.php And in the email it sends me it keeps saying Permission Denied. I've toyed around with it a bit and I am getting nowhere, any suggestions? Edit: never mind I fixed it :P