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    x10 hosting provides a pretty good service.. im not gonna lie. we all have to start somewhere but at least you picked a good place to start.
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    Hi new here!

    we look forward to seeing your site.. judging by your url i have a feeling i might like it haha
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    <3 x10

    they do a pretty amazing job i'm not going to lie. very clean feeling. hosting :) easy interface all around a good hosting company
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    review please

    the layout looks nice but that banner needs a bit of work.. its height is a bit big.. on a 1024x768 that must be huge.. im on 1650x1080 and i still think thats big. put some effects or something and narrow that down a but only by like oh.. 20 to 30 pixels. thats my point of...
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    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    welcome to x10hosting there is a pretty good community here :D what kind of books to you write? if you have a website why don't you post it on here so we can check it out sometime
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    Myself, an Artist gone digital!

    why don't you post your site so we can take a look at some of your examples
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    Ya esta aqui el windows 7

    estoy usando win7 64 ultimate y asta aurita es mucho mejor que vista i me encanta el nuevo taskbar me gusta la idea de poder tener icones con mis programas que me aggrege to lo que estoy haciendo. definitivamente lo recomendo
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    What do you think of my website logo?

    the last version has a real web2.0 feel maybe a bit long you might wanna cut that down a little but yeah it looks good the latest version that is
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    Useful shortcut keys

    this might come in handy when my mouse breaks lol
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    Help with my hp pavillion dv2000

    i think i know what your talking about.. sadly i have no input on this topic.. i repair computers as a side job and i have received 2 computers with that same issue sadly i have yet to come up with a solution.. the only thing that i came up with is it seems to do with the updates.. like...