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    MySQL offline.

    The MySQL seems to be offline for Level, any chance of a fix please.
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    Server Moves

    Your not the only one waiting on BORU need my site up..
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    Introducing myself.

    all lies! Lies i tell you!
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    Logi Search Engine

    Very nice, hopefully when i check the search engine again in the future it will have more then 21, but keep up the work looks like it will come off neatly!
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    Hello Users.

    Hello To Whom Reads This, My name is Liam, you will start seeing me around this forums quite a lot as i would like to help this site out, as i have already witnessed great hosting up-time in which my site has only appeared down once out of the few months i have...
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    Server Moves

    Personally i would wait until the migration has settled down.
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    Free Quality WordPress Themes by subxpert

    These are very nice, keep up the work!
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    404 not found

    I have also witnessed this issue but it is soon sorted. What i did was Run CCleaner to clean my Temporary Internet Files and browser cache. Then assuming your running on windows go to 'Start>Run>Cmd>Type in>Ipconfig /flushdns. If it doesn't work then it is possibly a server issue but that is...
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    My Second HTML Template Made

    nice, personally i wouldn't use it i'm into more professional and modern ones, but not bad for a first time.
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    I am interested in helping out with the support, -Liam

    I am interested in helping out with the support, -Liam