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  1. Anna

    Do you see your files? Do you get an 503 error on your site?

    If you can see that your files are back but still get a 503 error on your site please post a reply one time in this thread and we'll sort those out as the cause has been identified and can be sorted per account or run as a larger batch if there are several that see that problem at the same time...
  2. Anna

    Current DirectAdmin sign in issues

    As a lot of you have noticed, when the "open cPanel" button is clicked in the account panel ( it has recently been redirecting to a failure message. This does currently happens with all free account servers. The reason for this is that we are in the final stages...
  3. Anna

    Resolved Servers are currently having some work done

    Downtime should be minimal but can occur during the process. This will hopefully help sort the ongoing intermittent problems, and if we see it does the others should follow suit shortly. ADD: All servers are updated and should be more stable now.
  4. Anna

    x10hosting Discord Server

    Some of you are probably familiar with discord, a chat server often used by gamers. It is free to use, but you do need an account with discord to use the service. We have set up a discord server for x10hosting, to some level it will be used for support, but there will not be staff available...
  5. Anna

    Important Support Guidelines

    If we could agree on these guidelines it would make it a lot easier to handle support. 1. Create your own topic, even if you think you have the same issue as someone else. It is far too easy to overlook one reply among ten others in a thread and could thus delay your help. 2. Put a describing...
  6. Anna

    PhpMyAdmin in DirectAdmin

    For now you will be asked for username and password when you want to login to phpMyAdmin, and the combination you need to use is that of your control panel, and not the database settings you have made. You will find phpMyAdmin under "Extra Features". Most of the time the forum username is the...
  7. Anna

    Just a small tip for all of you

    I think most of you has seen there crops up an issue with disk space running out from time to time, while one of the largest causes for that is users deciding to abuse the service given and use the space for storing their own personal files, often also in violation of copyright laws, there is...
  8. Anna

    FTP on Absolut taken offline (UPDATE: Back online)

    FTP is currently offline on server absolut, we had to shut it off temporarily to ensure server security. Updates will come as soon as we know more.
  9. Anna

    Boru - Account issues after the upgrades

    During the process of upgrading Boru there was sadly a few accounts that did lose all files, including some crucial for cPanel to work correctly (these includes domain handling files). In fact the entire home directory was lost for those accounts that are affected. The databases are still...
  10. Anna

    Stoli throwing random error 500's

    We're aware of this and looking into it. One of the problems with troubleshooting is that it does not throw an error for everyone that tries to view the sites. This means the problem most likely is somewhere in the load balancing setup, just got to figure out where, and specifically which...
  11. Anna

    Account deletions, policy change.

    Instead of instant deletion we will from now on put your account into suspension, with the reason "termination requested" and your thread ID and let the system take care of the actual deletions automatically. This change also gives you a 14 day window where you can change your mind and request...
  12. Anna

    Starka cPanel

    Seem Starka currently have problems with loading cPanel, we'll update you when we know more. For now it seem to at least serve pages alright, but from what reports says FTP could also be affected by the problems. UPDATE: There's a tech from our DC looking at Starka right now. Can not give an...
  13. Anna

    Mysql on Starka

    There's currently some problem with mysql for Starka, we're looking into it. Please do not post threads about mysql issues for Starka. We will update this when the problem is solved.
  14. Anna

    Spanish Support

    We are no longer able to provide support in Spanish, we sadly do not have enough staff fluent in the Spanish language for that. The Spanish section will remain open, and for some things there may be community helpers available to answer your questions. But please note that if you need urgent...
  15. Anna

    Unusually long delay for account creations

    Seem one server experienced a problem which caused sign-up requests that had been directed to that server to be delayed even more then normally. This problem should now be sorted and the queue for that server move along normally, but due to the fact there's a rather long queue it may still...
  16. Anna

    Just a quick note about the current ticket status

    We currently have a higher number of tickets then normally, due to the migrations, which does make the response times a bit longer then ideal. Also bear in mind it is the vacation time of the year, so some of the voluntary staff group is not currently available. We do aim on replying...
  17. Anna

    Account Panel

    Yes, we know, the account panel doesn't work right now. We're working on solving the problem. The reason the account panel doesn't work is that we had to take parts of the backend offline to sort the problems we have been seeing with sign-ups today. This also means sign-ups currently is "on...
  18. Anna

    Starka and Chopin

    As some of the users on Starka might have noticed when logging in on cPanel, it does say the server name is Chopin now. This is nothing strange about that, the two servers have been combined and are now Chopin. has been directed to Chopins IP and should work...
  19. Anna

    How often do you visit your site?

    Out of curiosity, how often to you browse to your site and view from that perspective. That is other then for just checking changes you have made. I usually pops on a few times a week to check that all is OK. And since I have a few blogs on there obviously I check in to add content at odd...
  20. Anna

    How to use domain names with your hosting account.

    With your x10Hosting account you may create subdomains and addon domains from within the control panel. Using this functionality you are able to create multiple distinct websites, or even just have multiple domains for just one website. Here is some information on using domain names with your...