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  1. AnkurM

    Requires Staff Unable to create new directories

    I am unable to update plugins because of failure to create new directories. Images also don't upload. Please resolve the issue. Website: http// Thanks.
  2. AnkurM

    Error code E5022BE26EA286F64

    I can't login to my account associated with email-id Error code E5022BE26EA286F64.
  3. AnkurM

    Resolved Disk Space Issue

    I am unable to create new directory for plugin updates. This seems to be because of disk space shortage. I am alloted 512 MB disk space. Can it be increased?
  4. AnkurM

    Please Review My Website

    Will anybody review my website I am constantly getting "capacity problems" error while loading the subdomain Also please inform me what is the disk quota limit for x10hosting, and where to check if I have exceeded the disk quote limit or any other limit...