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  1. Zubair

    Independence Day

    For the first time ever Google-Doodle for Pakistan. I am glad to see. :)
  2. Zubair

    Windows 8 in 2012?

    Windows 8 is expected to released in 2012 What do you think guys? Microsoft is releasing this in a very short time.
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    Forum Rules! Read before posting tutorials.

    Rules for Site Design & Development • Graphics & Webdesign • Programming Help • Scripts & 3rd Party Apps • Review My Site • Tutorials I've been seeing a lot of topics in the wrong place at SD&D, and I am going to make a topic for each subforum of SD&D to tell you what kind of topics SHOULD be...
  4. Zubair

    NeoBux payment Proof:

    I just received my second payment from Neobux, Here is the Proof: First payment Proof is already uploaded here: Join NeoBux: Referral URL: non-Referral...
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    Palmbux Payment Proof.

    I received my first payment from Palmbux today. Here is the proof: Join Palmbux Referral URL: non-Referral URL:
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    Link exchange for my website

    I am offering link exchange for my website. Currently 3 slots are available at the TOP of sidebar. The ads should be 125 X 125 in size.
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    T20 Cricket World Cup 2010 West Indies

    Is there any Cricket FAN by chance? Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is starting in West Indies from 30 April 2010. I am very excited about playing and watching cricket. I hope someone will give me a company. :p Anyways, What your think who will WIN this WC from 12 nations. 1. Australia 2...
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    IMPORTANT FORUM RULES! Read before posting.

    Off Topic Forum Rules Just a few basic rules regarding the off Topic section. Racism, there is no need to be racist, ever, you just have to understand that people are different, if you can't understand that, you don't belong on these forums. Be nice, if you don't have anything nice to...
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    IMPORTANT FORUM RULES! Read before posting.

    Ads & Offers Forum Rules Following are the Few simple Rules, You must follow these rules while posting in this Section. All referral links must be with another non-referral link! Example: Sign up here (non-referral) No referrals for cash / real goods whatsoever. That's called a pyramid...
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    Douple Party!

    So guys & girls, In this thread, I am planning to organize two parties. 1) 5000th post Party 2) Promotion Party I Hope you will contribute with me :p
  12. Zubair

    Going On Vacations!

    I am going on a journey to the beutiful Hill Station "Muree". I am Leaving from Home after 24 hours. I will be back on Thursday (Inshallah)***Please igrone this :P*** I will be completely unavailable during this journey. :)
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    Testing support tickets. :)
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    Testing Escalation.
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    Where do you live?

    Lets see how many members we have from different parts of world. :tongue: So, Tell the community in which country do you live and which country is your home country.
  16. Zubair

    Simple Logos!

    I need some simple LOGOs for my website. I will give 100 credits for each LOGO. First for my forums The text of LOGO is "ZubairTech" without quotes. Use color and design which you like the best after visiting forums. LOGO must look good on forums. Normal LOGO...
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    Forum Games Rules! Read before posting

    Forum Games Rules Following are the rules please follow them and have FUN. The Forum Games section is only for games you play in the x10Hosting Forums. If you want to talk about games separate from the forums (console games and the like), please head on over to Gamer's Lounge. There...
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    Zero Tolerance Policy

    If your account is suspended for any of the reasons listed below which fall under our zero tolerance policy it is permanently suspended. Accounts suspended for zero tolerance are not eligible to be unsuspended under any circumstance and no backups will ever be provided. The list of suspensions...
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    Common questions and answers for free hosting.

    Here is a list of frequently asked questions. To view more information click on each item. Signing up: Getting started Once you have an account: Account details Delete hosting account Hosting account suspension How can I access SSH How can I access SSL How to change cPanel Password How to...
  20. Zubair

    How many software you have installed in your PC?

    To see how many program you have go to the Install/Uninstall programs. I have 58 software installed in my PC, and your?