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    best painless suicide method?

    i have been searching on the net for some painless suicide techniques but resources arent readily available.. so, i need painless suicide methods that requires easy to find materials of death to kill myself.. any answers?
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    is this a bot?

    this thing commented on my friendster profile like months ago. it behaves like a human, but i think its just a bot.. is this a bot? unfortunately, thats the only evidence that i could show coz the comments that "person" commented me are way too old...
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    torn between to languages (lol)

    its kinda hard for me to choose between java and python.. any suggestions?comments? solutions? :p
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    About PortableApps

    i have this WD External HDD which i just turned into my PortableApps USB device. the question is, will it cause too much load(cycles, i guess) on the external HDD? will it cause physical damage to the external disk? the external hdd has like 120 GB storage.. havnt gone halfway yet... replies...
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    most used tekken character.. ^^

    who do you think is the most used tekken character? tekken 5 and above please.. ^^ if i missed something, please tell me.. :p
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    your gender...

    i am extremely aware of the "asl pls?" thread, but this is not the same as that.. this is more straight to the point.. are u a male or a female? ^^ i just wanna know.. :p
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    Most stable server

    Hi all. Ive been hosted in x10 for more than half a year, but stoli's been killing me. ^^ apache http going down more than i expected, and exim almost always offline.. so the question is, what is the most stable server you've got(according to your "statistics" and experiences)? ^^ im moving to...
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    open source tools

    hi all... im currently looking for excellent open source tools for development.. also, if possible, a full featured open-source object oriented language. a language that creates binaries for one specific platform.. cross platform languages please.. ^^ required recompiles are okay.. ^^ this is...
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    which audio player do u prefer?

    which audio player do you prefer? winamp, aimp, wmp, itunes? others? ^^ PS - How do u make a poll? tnx.. ^^
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    help me make a poem. ^^

    i have to make 5 more good poems.. doesnt have to be really long or short.. if you have inspiring ideas, please share to me. ^^ i badly need em.. :hahano:
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    java help with codes (please)..

    hey guys. i need help here.. ^^ kindly fix this class for me.. ^^ its just a small java program, but it wont compile and i dont know why.. kindly fix it please. ^^ thanks. heres the code.. import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class Project2 implements...
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    python or java?

    hi guys.. i need to decide on what language i would try to learn first... i know how to write GUIs in Java but with no actions. i have basic knowledge of java(loops,conditions,error handling,etc)... the problem is, python is so easy, and i would just like to ask... in the long run, which one...
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    exim always down on stoli

    this is a really simple question.. why is stoli's exim always down? i need it for my site's notifications for me.. and for some other stuff... ^^ cheers.
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    aeronautical engineering ?

    hi everyone.. im in my last year of high school and i want to decide what course i would choose.. here are my 2 choices aeronautical engineering computer engineering i would like to choose aeronautical engineering but i would like to know what jobs would i be able to have in the future...
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    adverts for Plogger...

    Note: if you cant run plogger after extract, please chmod it.. default chmod for plogger is 700... chmod to 755 or 777.. i really dont know the diff, but i just followed the chmod of my wordpress installation.. :nuts: wise, eh? ^^ not really... on for the tutorial. plogger is the only...
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    joomla ads on different templates

    i have followed the instructions here, but it wont work for all other templates. why? can sum1 help me out? it only works on the default template. it doesnt work on other templates i have downloaded... :happysad:
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    webmail doesnt work...

    hi all.. i have tried this on horde and squirrelmail.. also on thunderbird.. it wont send and receive emails... please help... ^^ here is the little error.. Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Server replied: 550 Verification failed for <> No Such...
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    eyeos adverts...

    hi all.. i tried editing the 2 php files in the eyeos directory. there are only 2 php files. anyways, when i tried it, it created an error. the advert script was pasted to the very top of each php file... the question is, how do i add the adverts to the login page of eyeos(since thats the...
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    php emulator, anybody?

    does anyone know a way that we can try out php scripts in the hard drive without having to upload them to a server? i tried opening the script folder(in hard drive) with firefox, but when i clicked index.php, it wants to be downloaded... ^^ in short, i want to run php scripts inside my...
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    The best mobile operating system...

    I would go for Symbian OS. It has a large library of symbian software. There is java for S40 and S30, right? But java has limited capabilities, so i would go for symbian phones forever... Any opinion? Reaction? Or you like another mobile operating system... thanks