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    You know what's funny?

    The XHTML valid and CSS valid buttons are misleading.
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    Backup software

    Ok, so I bought a 250 GB external HD, and I want a free software that will backup my whole drive image (by updating changed files, etc) to a directory in the external HD. How will I be able to do that? And what softwares are there? Thanks a bunch!
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    What is fcuk?

    I don't mean the typo for f*ck or the french connections company, but the server definition. What is it?
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    You guys have the XHTML & CSS valid buttons on the bottom, but the pages are neither XHTML nor CSS compliant. Wanna fix it?
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    Avatar settings

    Maybe I am the only observant VIP user, but I've noticed that we VIP users are limited to a smaller avatar size setting than are most members. What's up with that? We paid for hosting to see our accounts here reduced in privileges?
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    My blog It's essentially a design from Blogger that I've changed around a bit (not much), but is PHP enabled. That allows me to have the "favorite articles" list included. Comments? Suggestions? Concerns? Thanks in advance!
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    Installing a wireless network?

    I have an Airlink+ AR410W wireless router, a compaq laptop with a wireless PCI card (also by airlink+), and another compaq laptop with an internal wireless card (Turion-64 has it). Both already has internet connection through the router, the modem, ultimately to the ISP (Comcast). I just want to...
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    Origin XT is the forum/website I'm co-running with a few others. Can anyone comment on it? We're trying to integrated it in a way such that it'll be like any other site, but with an integrated commenting system (a forum). Thanks.
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    Google Ads?

    I think you guys would make a lot more money if we're allowed to put google adsense code onto our site?
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    Google Ads

    Shouldn't you guys allow us to put your google ads code on our sites? I think it will give a lot more profit than what we have now. Just thinking about it. -Origin
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    Can I do this?

    Can I make it so * loads some page, even a 404 error page? So if I type it loads a 404 error page or just redirects to ? This way if they add some subdomain that doesn't exist, it'll redirect them to the home.
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    What's making the server use 80% of its CPU (All four CPUs), and 85% of its RAM!? Whoa!
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    Just wondering. Will the emails that were unable to be sent out before, be sent now? Or do we have to re-type them and stuff? Thanks
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    My Site

    If anyone wanna check it out, it's !!! Please join if you like it ^_^
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    Powered by vBulletin

    Are you allowed to remove that part?
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    Ironic twist of fate o.O

    It is kinda ironic I'm posting this, but Firefox doesn't work properly on my computer. Every couple clicks, the laptop's screen goes completely blank, and the CPU dies. It only happens when I use Firefox... It never happened in Opera or IE. I have to press the power button for 4 seconds for...
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    External SQL Access

    Anyone else unable to use external database access? It seems like I cannot access my database here, from elsewhere, and the other way around. I can't access external databases on my old host, either... Yes, I did set it to allow access by setting the servers...
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    I finally got my account here :D Just need to figure out what to do o.O;;; Welcome me guys!
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    mySQL Databases

    I restore it, and apparently it only restores the first 500 or so kbs. My DB is approximately 100 MB big, when it's not GZipped. How do I bypass that? Is there a way of doing that without PHP so it can all be inserted using one command? Thanks.
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    Does my domain go to my account if I set the nameservers to the ones I was given, as if I'm using I just signed up.