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    CRON Permissions

    I have an error on my cron management in cPanel which states: My cron job is still executing, but I can no longer see/edit my original command under cPanel. I would like to turn down the frequency to every two days instead of every 8 hours. Account: I have looked at a...
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    CRON Jobs and PHP

    CRON jobs according to cPanel: This tutorial is here to provide basic information on executing php scripts for your CRON jobs. There are two parts to your crontab: the command to run, and the interval you run it on. I won't go over how to set the intervals because cPanel has a nice...
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    Sports Script/System, like Rivals

    My friend is looking into making a site that'd be similar to in that it would show information on the top players in our local area - of course, it'd be a lot simpler. Does anyone know of some good, preferrably open source/free software, that can do this, such as a plugin to a...
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    HTTP 500 for .phtml files

    Essentially the same thing seems to be happening as before: My normal php scripts are working, it's only the .phtml files (used for stylesheets) that are having trouble.
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    PHP eval() disabled

    Could I get eval() re-enabled for my account? Various parts of Thacmus are (unfortunately) dependent on it, along with my Tutorials section. EDIT: Ah, sorry. I keep on looking at only the subforums and I don't realize there are posts down there. Made the request.
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    HTTP 500 when processing .phtml files

    This is the same issue as I had posted in the server announcement, but I moved it here because the thread is closed. The server still seems to be unable to handle those files... I've tried overloading the .htaccess application extension, but that didn't work. File...
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    I just saw this on Alejandro's avatar... Anyone know if the new season starts today or next Monday?
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    .htaccess - 500 Internal Server Error

    Is there a way I can set an .htaccess file for a directory? I need it for my CMS demo to limit uploads to 128KB. This is what I tried: # Limitations for the demo php_value upload_max_filesize 128K But it threw me that error... I'd add more, but I need to get some sleep.
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    'Refresh rate' for CMS Demo?

    I've finally gotten around to making a demo for the admin panel on my CMS, Thacmus, and I wanted to know what an acceptable refresh rate would be for cleaning everything up would be. Right now I have it at four weeks, but I don't think that'll be good if I get a lot of 'unwanted' traffic that...
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    Quick CRON Question

    To execute a basic PHP script from CRON, would I use the following command? php /home/etc/script.php Is there a way to test a CRON script by executing it once, or will it only allow execution by the data parameters? EDIT: The directory for php (/usr/sbin ?) is in the PATH variable (or whatever...
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    Unable to get to cgi-bin...

    I'm trying to access my cgi-bin to get a feel for CRON and all that, but I'm unable to. It simply gives me a 404 error... Example: CGI Email (cPanel CGI Center)
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    Mysql - Unable to access externally

    [Continuation of this post] I've tried to connect to the MySQL server, but now the error is telling me that access is denied. I'm certain that I have my user name / password information correct, because it's working on the site itself. I also have the '%' access host added. Also, is...
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    Post size limit - Still not working

    Continuing from this post, I'm still unable submit large amounts of text via POST. I don't think it has anything to do with PHP, since Corey had doubled the post max size, yet it still errors out. That, and the response is completely blank, no title, no error message, nothing whatsoever. I've...
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    [php] magic_gpc_quotes - Disable?

    Could I get this disabled on my account? Thacmus works alright with it on, but when getting data directly from POST (such as an ajax request) I don't exactly format it. On that note, does anyone really use it?
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    MySQL - Group function?

    I'm not a heavy MySQL programmer, and I've only dabbed in it a little. I've just tried to look up some info on a stat utility with this query in the script: select as `id`, sum(hits) as `hits`, max(date) as `date` from (stat inner join stat_browser on...
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    Post size limit?

    I'm working with my CMS, and I'm trying to edit a few things. However, when I try to edit items with textareas that have a sizeable amount of content (maybe 200-1000 characters), on submit the next page is completely blank, no title, no nothing. I check on my php info, and 'post_max_size' is set...
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    [php] highlight_file()

    I have a source viewing utility on my site (with 'security measures' in place) for my open source CMS. Could I have highlight_file() enabled? If not, is it all right that I read the file and pass it to highlight_string()?
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    Can't connect to MySQL externally

    I've setup my computer's IP address as an accepted host on the cPanel (got the IP using $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] on a script, so the IP viewed by the MySQL server should be the same), and I've tried to connect to the server but SQLyog says that it cannot. Hosts tried:
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    Domain parking - Indexing?

    I've set up the parked domain to point to Previously, would display a search page, with God knows what. After I parked it, I could view the files on my host, but the index of the domain ( would still show the search page, despite my...
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    External Access to MySQL

    I've searched and found other posts on this, but none of them give me the same, definite answer. How do we access our MySQL database externally [such as on a test server]? Namely, what is the host? Are we even able to? I'm asking because I usually manage my databases with a MySQL GUI, SQLyog...