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  1. lylex10h

    Resolved Request for additional disk space

    I'm at 417 MB. Yes, I have 2 public galleries but most of space is used for Results images on the News page. I had to backup last night to update WP to 5.6 and had to manually do it via FTP as no room for .tar.gz file.
  2. lylex10h

    xo7 Cachewall error

    When I try to access the Cachewall in cPanel I get "An error has occurred. Please report this problem with our support team." Username: kolbysx1
  3. lylex10h

    xo7 issues

    I'm getting 522 connection timeout errors from Cloudflare and can't update via WordPress app. I have always online enabled so my regular pages work. Appears to be fixed now. Thanks
  4. lylex10h

    Suggestion: Remove YOURLS from Softaculous

    YOURLS allows you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL). This is a prohibitive script in Terms of Service.
  5. lylex10h


    Saw this in the bottom of my control panel and can't find any other threads on it. Looks like malware scanning (which is a great thing!) or something but I'm getting errors trying to access it. Is the new? Should we providing feedback/errors?
  6. lylex10h

    Suggestion: PTR/rDNS records for name server IPs

    When I check my domain on Pingdom's DNS Health it reports that there is no PTR for the IP addresses ( and of the name servers ( and I can verify this using dig root@LYLE-PC:~# dig -x +short && dig -x...
  7. lylex10h

    WordPress and Cloudflare

    Is there anything I should know about using WordPress and Cloudflare with our gracious host x10 prior to flipping the DNS switch? Currently my site is at domain.tld but it looks like it will need to switch to www.domain.tld . Is this true? Should I change all my WordPress URLs to www.domain.tld...
  8. lylex10h

    NFS and File Locking

    The W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress has the following 2 options in General Settings -> Miscellaneous: Enable file locking Not recommended for NFS systems. Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS Try this option if your hosting environment uses a network based file...
  9. lylex10h

    Can I delete this file?

    In my File Manager in .cagefs/tmp there is a file named phpvMQNwf that is 300+ MB and growing by the day. I only have 500 MB of space available. Can I safely delete this file to free up space? I downloaded the file to see if it was some type of log file but it is a binary file. The Linux file...