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  1. lolimaru

    My site is deleted?

    I realize I haven't been on the forums in over two weeks so when I tried signing into the x10hosting.login with my forum user name and password, it said that there is no link to an x10 hosted account. I can't even log into So my website is gone forever? =( No...
  2. lolimaru

    Content Boxes

    I don't know how to make the content box automatically adjust bigger to fit all the text as it's added. For example, take a look at the layout I made in photoshop: If I wrote a ton of text in the...
  3. lolimaru

    Hard to find games

    I've been looking for PC games either RPG or MMORPG made by small groups of people. I'm having trouble finding low budget games that aren't made by some big company. Years ago I was always able to find 2d MMORPGs that people made, now I don't know where to look or what to search for. I'm...
  4. lolimaru

    .exofire to

    When signing up for x10hosting, I originally registered my website as instead of all the other domains if let me choose, and uploaded my .html to cpanel. I then decided to register for so I did make an account at and have "URL Forwarding" enabled...
  5. lolimaru

    Linking Question

    1) Is it possible to see a list of all sites that have a URL link to one of my pages/website or direct linking to a picture? 1) If I were to exchange links with a bunch of people, then eventually change my domain from to .com, whats to easiest way to fix all those broken links?
  6. lolimaru

    Review Please

    I made sort of a profile site hoping that if my name is typed in Google, my site would be number one in the rankings. When you Google "Jeff DeRose" the top 10 listings are all this other guys profiles. My website is because the .com domain is already registered. I'm looking...
  7. lolimaru

    Cpanel Help - First timer

    I just registered with x10hosting to host a website I just finished. I've never used Cpanel before and it's really frustrating. Every other host I used, I just had to upload my index.html, other .html files, and my image folder and my website was then viewable. With the Cpanel, I click the...