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  1. pinkrose4ann32

    Suspended warning

    I was on this forum reading on April 1 and I told all my students to go to the forum. I did not post but I understand I did not have to post on the forum only visit which I did. Could some please explain why I have a suspension warning? Thank you, Ann Stalls
  2. pinkrose4ann32

    Unable to connect with Filezilla to my site

    Problem: Unable to connect with Filezilla to my site. I changed computers since my new computer is in the shop. On my new computer I had no problems connecting with Filezilla but on this computer which I have Vista, IE7 and 64 bit computer. It times out and is unable to connect. Is there a...
  3. pinkrose4ann32

    Some people can't view X10 websites

    I am teaching web design to my students so I set up a site to display examples of each lesson. Some of my students can't view anything on X10. I have a few students who have sites on X10 but some of the other students can't view our websites. They get an error from IE. Is there a solution for...