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    30gigs accounts * * * *
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    Anyone else working on a costume? If you're not, don't you want candy? I don't care how old you are. Everyone loves free candy. If you're going to a nice party, then you're excused from trick-or-treating. I found a cardboard box lying in my kitchen and was struck with an idea for a costume. I...
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    [.tk] Proxy

    A Simple solution is to visit it through a proxy. The easiest way is the nyud proxy. take the tk domain add to the end this proxy is also useful for getting past your school's websense blocks. lol. :innocent:
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    reporting TOS violation Site is hosting and streaming copyrighted music. Anyone who does even a little research into how the radio blog script works can easily find and download the audio files being streamed which are in mp3 format, but renamed to .rbs if they go to...
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    My site, in all its glory

    I forgot to force everyone to visit my site! :grin: comments? crits?
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    Ad Code Problems Solution

    EDIT: Please use this code from now on: If you have used the ad code solution that used to be here, please change it to the one in the above link :original:
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    They don't seem to be showing up. <--