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  1. Neuromancer

    Nuke Commerce error

    I am trying to install nukecommerce as an all in one solution for my website... on step 3 I get a prompt for "subdirectory" It contains the following information <br /><b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: PATH_TRANSLATED in <b>/home/ntsales/public_html/installer/install3.php(104) : eval()'d...
  2. Neuromancer

    Server down again?

    I cant get into my site at all ... I also cant seem to post in priority support anymore (
  3. Neuromancer

    Need help picking a CMS

    I have tried a few different CMS apps and I have not been satisifed with any of them The main direction of my site is for selling computers and equipment, but I also want to sell repair services, develop a database for customers to find an indepent service person in their area, a small forum...
  4. Neuromancer

    email accounts

    I actually used the "search" feature before asking... (I know how rare that is ;) ) but did not find an answer :( Was just wondering if there is a limit on email accounts created with static or corporate accounts. I read the faq and it mentions 1 email account wit hthe static service but no...
  5. Neuromancer

    Recent Posts imrovement

    I have a suggestion about "new posts" Is there anyway we can remove the "applications" from showing up under new posts? (I know there is.. but I mean can we implement it ;) ) It is still possible to keep ALL new posts for admins so they can go through the new apps but leave us schmoes...
  6. Neuromancer

    Help the man in the box!!

    Intersting browser trick... You will need internet explorer to see this.. also it is best shown if you reduce the window to a couple of inches on a side
  7. Neuromancer

    FTP question

    I took my site and installed 2 mods.. .OS commerce and SMF forum each in their own folders I am getting assistance wit hthe forum, so I wanna give someone FTP access to the forum (the public_html/forum folder) IS there a way to do this without giving my master password?
  8. Neuromancer


    Well I was checking out a thread on pro-networks about free webhosts. I have a website already But as you can see its down AGAIN I paid for a domain name there... and withing the next few months was lookingat upgrading to paid hosting. (Dont have plastic...