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  1. chrisrog

    About to do one large update converting my site from pure html to php and have a few questions.

    What functions and setup to you recommend for an admin login feature and user login feature? Trying to figure out how to connect my java applets and other web applications to my DB but unsure how to do this on x10hosting. We all know my CSS and Design Skills are horrid so any suggestions on a...
  2. chrisrog

    RSS Feeds? Needing Info

    Strange how I haven't found an example on here of one that would be safe to test on my site. Right now I've sectioned off an area with no links to it for testing things like this but haven't found much unless I'm using the wrong search words. Reason for sectioning off the test area is so...
  3. chrisrog

    Checking on if we're able to get applications we make to link to our site's database?

    Just wondering since I've seen it done with php code but that's purely web based so I was curious about if we could pull off the same thing with say a java applet since it would be on the site? Busy working on a few things for a game and using a database just happened to be an idea to test in...
  4. chrisrog

    Programming Fails you've had

    We've all had those moments. We're going as fast as we can or just miss something and the whole program/site just does something we're not wanting or expecting it to do. lol my choice of background colors never seems to end well being one example.
  5. chrisrog

    Comment Box - Wondering if there was a better way to make it and display.

    Just wondering about this since I'm using a file write and read setup in php for the comment box but also I've never been good at displaying things on web pages or at least setting up a good display. Here's the 3 files that make this thing run. The part of my PHPCommentsForum.php file that is...
  6. chrisrog

    two things I have yet to figure out here.

    the first one is how to put in an avatar image and the other is how to put in a sig. I know it can be done but haven't found a way to do it. @_@
  7. chrisrog

    Working on my site's setup and design. Finished switching from table tags to div tags and it was a pain but a useful move. Needless to says its still needs some work and I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas.
  8. chrisrog

    Been switching from table tags to div tags and an external css file.

    Took a while but I think I got it down. Still haven't updated my site with the new layout but I'll do that some time this week. Been having issues with anything with a pre-set size not wanting to resize with the rest of the page though, like images and applets. I can scale their container but...
  9. chrisrog

    ^_^ I got an emailer for feedback up and running on my site.

    Took forever to find a tutorial that didn't leave me feeling like I was reading mud though. Was wanting to make a comments section for my site but this'll do for now until I can find out how to setup the comments code with form tags or some other codes. Also noticed something and that's my site...
  10. chrisrog

    Rather odd issue while trying to update my site.

    I sent a support ticket in but also wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion on the issue. For some reason my site isn't updating any new changes I make to it. I've also cleared my cookies just to see if it was that but that doesn't seem to have done anything. Anyone else ever have this...
  11. chrisrog

    Finished Game just have a few things left to fix. :) Might not be that interesting but at least give it a look. I fixed a number of things since last time but still can't pin down that freeze and what's causing it. Just hold the shield button and hope it unfreezes since the game is...
  12. chrisrog

    Why does this happen to me?!?!?

    It seems my uncle had a talent for breaking things without knowing he did and I'm getting sick of it. He came over last night at some point hooked a the cords from my computer tower to his did something than hooked them all back up and didn't even bother to check and see if everything was still...
  13. chrisrog

    Got my site updated and my game. :)

    :biggrin: Anyone that wants to see? The game is mostly finished and I could use some help coming up with some finishing touches for it.
  14. chrisrog

    Sometimes I wonder about some people

    I was playing on a game I fount online and the chat box seemed mostly full of people that I can't say the name of here. One seemed to think he was a good hacker. He hit my firewall like a bug on a windshield. :D Anyone else run into these types of situations? :D ---------- Post added at 03:15...
  15. chrisrog

    New Game Designer Here

    Judging from the looks of the TOS and a few other things x10hosting seems like a good place to host a small site to show off some of my works. At the moment I've got my site page setup and I'm planning to move the applet to another page so no one has to deal with it on the index page. This way...