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  1. evmdude

    Best CMS Script?

    What would you say is the best CMS (content management script)? I use Pulse CMS Pro.
  2. evmdude

    Review My Site Please - Before The Cross

    Fast loading site. Very clean and well managed from what I see. Good job. Jesus rocks.
  3. evmdude

    Review my promotion forum?

    Very clean and fast loading. Good job. Could I advertise my site there? If so, I would add a link to the forum.
  4. evmdude

    Hosting questions

    Been quite some time since I used x10.. so here we go. Do you still have to merge forum and hosting accounts? I ask since I saw no such option in the account panel. Do you still have to add an x10 banner? If so, I have no issue with that. And to keep my account active, I have to log into the...
  5. evmdude

    Review my comic site.

    The entrance page is just to add mystery is all. Thank you for the kind words on the layout and colors I chose to use. I do not plan on making or publishing adult comics. And I certainly would not go against the TOS. Thank you all again. I am finishing up more work on it. I am making a better...
  6. evmdude

    Favorite Webcomics

    I like: Realm Of Atland and Dream Scar
  7. evmdude

    Review my comic site. Its still a work in progress, Hopefully I can get the current comics section started and more subpages as well. All comments, welcomed.
  8. evmdude

    Dumb question.. but..

    Thank you, descalzo. I am glad to see the response time here is fast.
  9. evmdude

    Dumb question.. but..

    Where do I edit my sig? I cant find it in the settings.
  10. evmdude

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use TrendMicro on my pc and it works well. I like that its not a resource hog like Macafee. I know people that use AVG free.. they get hit by viruses on a weekly basis ans refuse to get something else.
  11. evmdude

    hey everyone

    Thank you both for the welcome. So far, my hosting experience is going great. Ill post my link asap.
  12. evmdude

    hey everyone

    I am a 3d digital artist who recently started my own comic company. I have tried a few free hosts and many.. well, suck. I like x10 alot.
  13. evmdude


    ESCALATION NECESSARY - Please relink my hosting and forum accounts. Forum account username: evmdude Hosting account cPanel username: evmdude