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  1. allinone

    Windos 7 (NTFS vs WFS)

    I have heard that windows 7 is having a different file system called wfs which dont have file and folder concept , so what you think guys willl it reduce the need of antivirus .........
  2. allinone

    want to confirm

    i want to confirm if its legal to host a banner exchange system on my x10hosting account or not mods plz answer.
  3. allinone

    imagecreate() not working!!!

    i m using a image varification code on my site but its not working and giving the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreate() in /home/allinone/public_html/exchange/randomImage.php on line 11 plz tell me what should i do resolve the...
  4. allinone

    add layer over active content

    is there any method to add layer over the active content. i m having a swf file in my webpage and i want my popup window over the flash file but its appearing behind it.......what should i do:dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
  5. allinone

    lion in matrix

    i have maid an animation on my website. please suggest if it would be good to use the lion matrix animation in downloads section as the main page animation instead of that laptop animation here is links main page download section lin is on the main page....... suggestions...
  6. allinone

    ioncube scripts

    will ioncube scripts work on x10 server, imean is ioncube loader installed on this server
  7. allinone

    frequent downtime

    i am having frequent downtimes for my site.,,,,is it happening to me only or there is some work going on with server ... i m on ad enhanced .
  8. allinone

    cash system

    can you please tell me which one is a good cash system for phpbb3, i mean the points system like x10have with features donate, bank etc...:happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad:
  9. allinone

    php encryption

    is there any way to encrypt the php webpage so that when a user see the source of my page no original urls are displayed????????:happysad:
  10. allinone

    sitemap generator vs seo

    which one is better ? having an auto sitemap generator on your site or an seo
  11. allinone

    pointer not moving

    i have a ps/2 optical mouse of navtech company the problem is pointer is not moving , clicks are working, light is glowing, but pointer stopped moving. I have tried many things like removing it and again plugging, cleaning lens, etc but its not working sometimes a very little motion is there...
  12. allinone

    How to make seo

    i want to know is there any script which can make my site seo, easily insatallable . The problem is i have content on my website which in php and is not listed when searched on google. i want that every thing displayed on my page must be available for search engines.
  13. allinone

    [offr]50 points for just two posts

    Award:- 50 points......... what to do:- Just post two posts in any two different forums excluding chitchat. forum link: rules- No one liners, post must be meaningful.... you can do it any times you want till i have credits NOTE: special...
  14. allinone

    Unwanted xx adds on cpanel logon

    when logged on to cpanel account using 2082 port the login panel appeared but suddenly the site *******.com was opening which is adult site and having adult content on it. I was unable to logon due to this site. every time i open that i was redirected to this site. Plz take care of adds...
  15. allinone

    how to get copyright

    i want to know how one can get copyright, is there any legal body which gives copyright or just anyone can say he have copyright of the material he owns.
  16. allinone

    what you think about the color combination used

    topic describes every thing just tell me your view about the color combination used..................
  17. allinone

    how to add x10 add code on a php page?

    i have phpmychat installed. I want to add the code for ad enhanced on the front page which is a php page... i have added but its not appearing when thge page is loading...... whats the problem
  18. allinone

    Brain wave

    have any one tried brain waves......its a software which generates waves which you listen by headphones. they have many effects like sleep induction, reduction, mind refresh, energy booster.... i want to know your experience about it.....
  19. allinone

    get paid only to surf......

    you have to do nothing no clicks nothing just open the site and it will load automatically....and u will get ur earnings..... just signup........ referral link: non referral: plz use refferal link as it cost nothing to you
  20. allinone

    which is best way to have a animation?

    according to you which way you would like to make an animation for your webpage, and why? on the basis of loading time, easyness, quality, performance etc... 1. DHTML 2.GIF 3.SWF(Flash) 4.Ming 5.javascript