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  1. cowctcat

    crazy wifi idea-need help

    So, i have a dell x51v pda which can access the internet through the usb connection to my pc. Through the pda's wifi adapter i can wirelessly connect to my laptop. Being too cheap to buy an actual wifi router i want to find a way to bridge the two connections in the pda so i can use it as a...
  2. cowctcat

    Corey Got married!!

    Yeah just in case any of you did not know he got married a couple of days ago!
  3. cowctcat

    Loosing my mind

    This whole day i have been loosing my train of thought about every 5 minutes. It makes it really hard to concentrate does anyone else have this problem
  4. cowctcat

    [REQ][50 CREDITS]Comment on my blog

    OK this is really easy all you have to do is: Go to my blog Register with the invitation code: "*x10rox*" (without quotes) Log in and post a meaningful comment on any post. It is that easy follow those two steps and you get 50 credits. And since I'm in a good...
  5. cowctcat

    Tabbed browsing

    I really hate it because I end up with lke ten windows with 15 tabs each and it takes me like five minutes to find anything! Does ayone else have this problem
  6. cowctcat

    Banner ad for my site

    I will pay 250 credits for a standard size banner ad for my site. The theme is philosophy. It is located at I have the skill to do it my self but i lack creativity.
  7. cowctcat

    Please Close Your Answered Threads!!

    I personaly get really anoyed at having to close all of your threads for you. If you would just when you type in your last responce like saying you got something to work or something of the sort just click the close thread checkbox. It takes like half a second and its not like its dificult or...
  8. cowctcat

    Did god goof when he made humans?

    When god made humans did he make some major mistake or is this how he meant us to be?
  9. cowctcat

    php help

    Never mind found it like two minutes after i posted!
  10. cowctcat

    javascript help

    Does anyone know a way that i can find out how wide a window is? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  11. cowctcat

    My outrageous project

    I just thought id say a ltile bit about a project im undertakeing. Im making a mysql database containing all of my knowledge. what do you think of this idea
  12. cowctcat

    Mediawiki help

    IM trying to setup mediawiki 1.12 and when it is checking things i get this message could someone please tell me what to do
  13. cowctcat

    md5() quetion

    md5 isnt case sensitive what is? edit: upon furthur study i have found it to be also not to be sensitive to the contents of the word just the length
  14. cowctcat

    This might be a weird request

    Could someone please help me I am trying to get joomla, media wiki and phpbb3 to use the same members tables How would i go about doing this
  15. cowctcat

    MediaWiki short urls

    Hey guys i was just wondering if it was posible to do something for me. I set up media wiki and I am trying to get short urls eg. /wiki/cow instead of /wiki/index.php?title=cow i have tried setting this up using htaccess but it just crashed my whole site so i was wondering if you could set...
  16. cowctcat

    w3c valid xhtml buttons!

    I am really annoyed when websites claim to have valid code but do not. I followed the link on the forum home page and 34 errors turned up. Not to be rude or sound crabby but i am respecfully requesting the removal of the valid xhtml icon
  17. cowctcat

    Are we supsed to have ssh access?

    I notice that there is an ssh / shell access icon in cpanel after the move. personaly i wouldnt use it but it might give some less honest people the wrong impresion
  18. cowctcat

    cPanel: rvskin ~ x3

    I siwitched from the default cpannel thing (x3 i think) to rvskin. I realized i hate it But there is no option to swithc back Please help me
  19. cowctcat

    FYI about server transfer

    My account is currently transfered from stoli to backup and cpanel an thee backup server affers loads of stuff we shouldnt have access to such as ssh, custom error pages, and php pear packages. I just thought that it would be moraly corent to informe you
  20. cowctcat

    compressed files

    is it posible to decompress a tar file? if so how? If not do zip file work? i realy dont have the time to upload 45 megabytes of files at once