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  1. Tyler

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  2. Tyler


    Hey everyone, Is anyone here good with javascript (basic to extensive knowledge). PM me if so. Thanks
  3. Tyler

    SMTP Problems

    Some people may be experiencing problems with SMTP here is the fix. Note* This is only for E-mail clients not webmail The new servers require authentication. So under your account settings find a server tab and under outgoing server check the box that says "this server requires...
  4. Tyler

    Form Processor, 100-1000 points

    I've been searching and searching for a form processor and I have found 100's but not what I want. What I need is a form processor that will process my Html form and output it as an html e-mail (almost so the e-mail will look like the form itself). All of them that i have found are text e-mails...
  5. Tyler

    a little css help

    How would I do some borders like this See the border on the left and right how it fades and give the content area a raised look, I want to do something like that also but im not sure where to start.
  6. Tyler

    Business Cards

    Do any of you know what the best place is to print out business cards?? Thanks
  7. Tyler

    Core 2 Duo

    Who here has heard of the core 2 duo?? I've been reading up on it for weeks now, and is claimed to be the worlds fastest processors. Im so tempted to buy a whole new rig with one of these. It was released to the public yesturday (although I cant find anywhere to buy them, only tigerdirect as...
  8. Tyler


    Who here is really good at flash?? I need an expert with flash. If anyone is please reply here or PM me I need a flash animation that im willing to pay ALOT of points for. Thanks :) Tyler
  9. Tyler


    Does anyone know a good program to convert movies to flash?? Thanks Tyler
  10. Tyler

    Req. Photoshop 2000+ points

    I will give someone 2000 points to write on this truck You Call We Haul Bulk Removal (make a large space in between you call and we haul) Also I would like to know how to do this for the future so I would like a simple tutprial also. Make sure it looks like the wording is...
  11. Tyler

    Web Templates

    Does anyone know of a good site with free web templates Thanks Tyler
  12. Tyler

    Free Firewall

    Does anyone know of a good, trusted, well known firewall for free. Besides ZoneAlarm The thing I dont like about zonealarm is that it has those alert pop-ups that just confuse my customers even more. and yes I know you can turn them off, but if you turn them off it disables the program block...
  13. Tyler


    Does anyone know of a free watermarker program that will batch process a folder (do multiple images at one time) It must have the option to use text as the watermark and have a transparency option for the watermark 100 points to the first person (if I like the software)
  14. Tyler

    Fav linux distro

    I was wondering what everyones (if they have used linux) favorite distribution of linux is, and why Thanks! Tyler
  15. Tyler

    Req Avatar and Sig

    Hey guys, I'm thinking I need a new avatar and sig, so if anyone is willing to make me either, let me know. Also, tell me how many points you would like and I'll decide if its reasonable Tyler
  16. Tyler

    Monitor Size

    What kind of monitors do you guys have? LCD or CRT and what size? I just purchased a 19In LCD from newegg
  17. Tyler

    Banner 50-100 points

    Hey guys, Im in the process of updating my site with a new template from Madmatt. All I need is a nice banner that blends in good to go in the open space at the top. The banner size would need to be 468x60 and I want the background to be the exact color as my header background on my site. A...
  18. Tyler

    Layout (250-500 points)

    Hey guys I really need a new layout for but I just dont have the time to create a whole new one :( So I was wondering if one of you would want to make me a layout and earn up to 500 points. If I like it ALOT then I will give you 500 points If it's ok then I will give...
  19. Tyler

    Free Mobile Wallpapers (25 points)

    Does anyone know a good site with free mobile phone wallpapers? Thanks! Tyler P.S 25 points for the best site you find
  20. Tyler

    Dvd to AVI

    Does anyone know a good program that will convert DVD to AVI or better yet DVD to h.264 or MP4 (Ipod video) Free is good ;) but let me know anything you got