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  1. xav0989

    Did you know we offer unlimited disk quota? Learn more here.

    We do not provide a limit on disk quota for x10Hosting users. If you have a legitimate use for lots of disk space, check You need to be using at least 50% of your disk space; Your account needs to be in good standing (no current suspension); You need to have a valid website that follows our...
  2. xav0989

    2011 Rugby World Cup New Zealand

    Since we are only 1 year before the RWC, I'm going to start a thread on it. Basically, I'd like to know if you play, if you've already seen some, or anything you want about rugby union. The official website is Me, for a starter, discover the sport about 2 months...
  3. xav0989

    Protect yourself before investing time and / or money!

    Before you invest hard earned money, x10 credits or time into one of the "Money Making" sites that are posted here on x10 or elsewhere, please take a moment to research the company throughly, completely and openly. There are multiple scam lists on the web, here are two. These are not...
  4. xav0989

    IMPORTANT FORUM RULES! Read before posting

    Most of these come from tnl2k6's original rules for this forum. I am reposting them to make sure that everybody sees them and so that you don't believe that the forums are not moderated anymore. If you don't comply with the rules, we will be forced to close the section. 1) No spamming...
  5. xav0989

    Escalation testing

    I am testing something out with the escalation system. Do not touch, thanks! xav0989
  6. xav0989

    Escalation testing

    This thread must be escalated by xav0989, to test out the system.
  7. xav0989

    New Community Paragon

    As requested by Danielx386, here is the thread were I officially say that I've reached the community paragon level! You are all invited to the party!
  8. xav0989

    Upgrading my computer

    I currently have a computer with no graphic card (integrated, although I can run some MM games). I would like to know what do you recommend. I currently have in mind, but I am still...
  9. xav0989

    Perl References

    I started a small project in perl recently, a survey generator. Basically is loads the survey from a XML file and generates the interface from the XML. However, I am having problems with the hashrefs. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out on this. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use...
  10. xav0989

    2000th post party

    I am bringing up an old tradition ( yes it's a tradition now) of celebrating at some significant post count. As this is my 2000th post, I would like to tell you all that we are celebrating! :biggrin:
  11. xav0989


    Just post here to agree on how awesome this game is :P :biggrin:
  12. xav0989

    Free Domain

    There are a number of free domain available on the net, the most known being, and I just wanted to know which one is the most profitable and why. I currently have all three setup, but I want to know which one should be the main one (currently, but the...
  13. xav0989

    Cero Tolerancia

    Aquí hay una lista de x10Hosting Condiciones de Servicio de las infracciones / delitos que caen bajo la política de tolerancia cero. Si usted está suspendido por uno de ellos, que permanecerá suspendido. Sin embargo, si usted siente que hubo un error en la suspensión, es decir, que fueron...
  14. xav0989

    Problems with MX records

    Even though I change my MX records in cPanel, it is not updated in the DNS server. It's been more than 72 hours since the records where added to cPanel, so propagation is probably not a problem.
  15. xav0989

    For Your Security

    These are some points of informations that you should look at when asking/receiving support in the free hosting support section. Usually, support representatives (community helpers and staff) do not ask for information such as cPanel username or account ID since we have access. However, there...
  16. xav0989

    Zero-Tolerance Policy

    Here are a list of x10hosting Terms of Service breaches/offences that fall under the zero tolerance policy. If you are suspended for one of these, you will remain suspended. However, if you feel that there was an error in the suspension, i.e. you were suspended for copyright infringement but had...
  17. xav0989

    CNAME records

    As I can't edit my CNAME records myself, here is a list of CNAME I would like to be enabled for my account. Under domain CNAME mail IN CNAME calendar IN CNAME docs IN
  18. xav0989

    Changing date of birth

    I wrongly entered my date of birth but only realized today so I am requesting it to be changed to my actual date. :nuts: Note: I'll escalate myself!
  19. xav0989

    ***!!! Importante "Error errf47025" LEEME !!!***

    No estoy seguro de cuál es la causa de este error, pero el personal han sido alertados. Todas las cuentas de obtener este error están pendientes de creación, por lo que no puede ser un error fatal, pero no hay una respuesta ahora. Por favor sea paciente mientras resolver este problema. Por...
  20. xav0989

    The x10 community rating/credit system explained

    The following post will not be updated anymore, please see Corey has recently made a few changes to the overall community and support systems of x10. This is a simple entry to try to sort it all out. The Reputation (also known...