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  1. Jon.Monreal

    A couple of questions on 403 and ads

    Hello, just a couple of issues: 1. I am using an add-on domain, and am getting 403 errors for every image on all of my pages. Is there any way I can solve this? (Yes, all of the folders are properly CHMODed) 2. I'm using a add-free account, but I am interested in possibly putting ads on my...
  2. Jon.Monreal

    Need Bloggers

    Hello everyone, I am looking for bloggers interested in technology (with any special interest) and simulations (such as flight simulation, ship simulation, etc.). I currently operate blogs on these subjects: and
  3. Jon.Monreal

    [OFF][Variable]Advertise on my Blog

    Hello Everyone, I have started offering advertising on my blog for both Entrecard Credits and x10credits. As a special offer, I have halved the price for all advertisements paid for before January 1, 2009; however, I would like to offer even better prices for members of x10forums. I...