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  1. gcottick

    Can't close threads

    I tried to close some of my older threads but I do not see the option in the thread tools menu selection (as per the FAQ tutorial). Am I missing something or are we no longer expected to close our own threads? :dunno: Regards... Cy
  2. gcottick

    Joomla database form component recommendation?

    I am developing a site that will largely be driven by database content. I am thinking of using Joomla (my first attempt, wish me luck... :biggrin:). I know there are components out there that can deal with a lot of my forms and data display (like DBQ from Green Mountain). Does anyone have...
  3. gcottick

    Happy to be here (again) ...

    I just signed up for an account as my old one was terminated for lack of use :sad: The hosting features look even better than I remember from when I last used x10 and I look forward to getting my next site up and running soon. Thanks for the great hosting!!
  4. gcottick

    Drop downs obscurred

    Some of the graphical ads make sections of the menu dropdowns unviewable. In order to access those dropdown items you have to jump around the site hoping you will hit an ad that will allow the dropdown to be viewable. It would be great if this could be corrected. Thanks for the great site...