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  1. terrorb2

    404 Errors on WP

    Hello again, I've been trying to add a new page to the site but there seems to be a problem when trying to save or preview my work. Are there any problems server side at the moment?
  2. terrorb2

    404 Errors on WP

    Hello again, I've been trying to add a new page to the site but there seems to be a problem when trying to save or preview my work. Are the any problems server side at the moment?
  3. terrorb2


    Just noticed that a lot of my personal information is on Is there anything that can be done to make this information private?
  4. terrorb2

    Account Suspended

    Hello again guys, how can I get my account un-suspended? Just had the domain renewed...
  5. terrorb2

    WP Site Still Won't Post Posts

    Problem started nearly a week ago where the wordpress site stopped publishing posts, no additional plugins have been installed since the problem started. Posts are saved as drafts and will go no further. Using the Backend Editor in Visual Composer to publish brings up a "Ooops, page not found"...
  6. terrorb2

    Currently Unable to Make New Posts on WP

    Greetings guys, noticed yesterday that I'm currently unable to make new posts on the wordpress portion of the site? Is there a problem server side?
  7. terrorb2

    WordPress to Drupal

    The site has grown beyond what WordPress can offer, I am still fairly new to the x10 control panel. How would I go about moving the site over to the Drupal platform??
  8. terrorb2

    Email Problem

    Emails are still not sending from the Roundcube webmail client or Thunderbird, however they are sending from my Android tablet? Have checked and double checked the settings!
  9. terrorb2

    Reg. Free Domain Email

    It appears that our domain isn't sending emails anymore? The domain receives emails ok but over the past week, companies we work with have not been receiving our correspondences?
  10. terrorb2

    Webmail on Android Devices

    Hello all, I'm having trouble using the x10 email on my Android tablet email client. All the settings have been added manually and properly and it still won't connect?
  11. terrorb2

    Unlimited Disk Quota Request

    Hello again folks, We have decided to stay with x10Hosting. Can we apply for the unlimited disk quota? We're nearly at 90% of our disk space and the website is only going to grow from here!
  12. terrorb2

    More email addresses?

    I seen the post where you could apply for more disk storage space. Can the same be done for additional email addresses? We need two more.
  13. terrorb2

    New Password for Wordpress

    How long does it normally take for wordpress to dispatch a password reset link?? Have work that needs published for suppliers and can't get logged in.
  14. terrorb2

    Free Hosting: Email Problems

    Hello again everyone, we appear to be having some trouble with the free email service. We set up three email accounts for our admins, but when trying to log in to Thunderbird we keep getting a note saying that the details are incorrect?
  15. terrorb2

    Migrating Host

    Hello all, (Edit) Might be the right place to post this but our website has been offered a sponsorship that gives us a much better site hosting package than the free hosting on x10. So my question is, can everything I have uploaded be transferred to the new host?
  16. terrorb2

    This Webpage is not available?!

    My website "Terror-Byte Gaming" has been down now for several hours and I can;t even log in to the wordpress admin panel. "This webpage is not available"