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  1. abhishek66ster

    How do I delete my account?

    Hey, I just bought X10Premium and my account name is "opwebsco"..I want to use (this domain) as a addon domain on that account. so how do I delete this account? Thanks, Abhishek
  2. abhishek66ster

    Database Error

    I had a my blog and Forums working till yesterday but today I find that my server has been changed to Chopin form Starka and my databases don't work. I tried replacing starka in the mysql config files with chopin but it didn't work. Is it possible that my SQL databeses got deleted. Please help...
  3. abhishek66ster

    Website's Backup ??--Help!!!!

    Hey, How do I backup my website (MYSQL & all my public_html folder)? I dont want to use R1Soft Restore Backups. Any other way to do so? Its urgent..Please help!!>:):nuts:
  4. abhishek66ster

    Can I upload PHP Website Script to my website?

    Hello, Can I upload a PHP Website Backup script to my website. This will backup anyone website +database and give them a tar.gz file. Please reply as soon as possible. And what si the path to PEAR PHP?? Thanks, Abhishek
  5. abhishek66ster

    Backup my website ?

    Where can I backup my website? I don't want to use R1 Soft Backup. Is there any other way? I just want to make a standard backup. Please help me. IS there any online service to do so?:nuts:
  6. abhishek66ster

    Review my website!

    Hello, Please review my website: I update my blog and forums regularly. So I want some suggestions for them too.. :dance: Thanks, Abhishek
  7. abhishek66ster

    Can I upload my own Youtube Video Download Script?

    Hello, Can I upload my Youtube Video Download script to x10hosting? I made this script some months ago but now I want to upload it. Thanks, Abhishek :nuts:
  8. abhishek66ster

    My domain

    My support queue is IKLUAZZE6PDW. I have a domain I want to host it on x10hosting. Please give me full instructions as I want to do that as soon as possible.. Tell me the DNS servers too..
  9. abhishek66ster

    How can I host my domain?

    Hi!!, How can I host my .in domain on x10hosting? I see it everywhere that we can host domains on x10hosting but whenever i come on x10hosting to register I cant find a place. It only gives the option to register subdomains and domains. Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks, Abhishek