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    JavaScript/jQuery Help Needed!

    Hello friends! I want to add a signup button like this site If you go to this site and click on signup button (upper right) a box will appear from where I can choose from two option. How could I do this? Please help me.
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    Wordpress Database Modification Help Needed (SQL Help)

    Hello, Recently i've transferred one of my wordpress website from to another website name I've imported the old domain SQL database properly. But, now i need to modify previous database to work properly in new domain. I know its need some SQL query. But...
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    Pac West Roofing Inc-Advance Roofing Provider

    Pac West Roofing was founded in 1990. They are building philosophy is to provide green building solutions for their clients. They focus and believe in the LEED rating system. In the roofing and waterproofing sector, sustainability, longevity, and eco-friendly solutions is their primary focus for...
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    Get Free SEO Service

    Looking for free SEO service? ​give an exclusive opportunity to get free SEO service. To increase your website traffic this website provides all SEO service free of cost. Site address is
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    Olympic Football London 2012 Fixtures (Men)

    London Olympic Football Men Tournament 2012 will be started from 26 July 2012. It will continue until the 11 August. The previous tournament was held in Beijing on 2008. The winner was Argentina. Argentina also won 2004 Athens olympic football tournament. Here is a complete fixtures and schedule...
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    Is my Site Become Slow To Load?

    Hello, recently i've changed theme one of my wordpress site. Some one have reported me that its become slow to load. Please visit my site and ensure me. And if you find that it's require more time to load please give me some suggestion to improve this condition. Site address is
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    BPL 2012 fixtures and point table

    Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2012 will be the first tournament of Bangladesh Premier League. The game schedule will start from 9th February with the final to be played on the 29th of February. Six team will participate in this tournament. The highest wicket taker will win the purple cap as a...
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    URL shortening service

    Here is an another nice website to shorten your website url with twist. Its absolutely free service. You can earn revenue to share your links on the Internet! Just register for a free account and start shrinking. Address
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    Best Marketing Strategy for your business is a place where you can improve your internet marketing needs. From this website you can easily purchase Google +1, Facebook fans, twitter followers, Youtube Video views and many more. By using services you're able to improve your Search Engine Optimization, Grow Your...
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    Please Review My New Site

    Hello i've created a new site based on information. The site is only 15 days old. please visit the site and give any informative suggestion to improve it. Site address is
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    How to tune by ear

    do you want to learn Guitar tuning online? gives you an opportunity to learn guitar free. Just visit the the site and enjoy to learn!
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    natural perfect vision

    want to improve your eye condition naturally? gives you an opportunity to find the way to improve eye condition naturally rather than use glasses or contact lens. For more information.. natural perfect vision
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    ICC T20 World Cup 2012 Fixtures and Schedule

    ICC Twenty20 world cup cricket 2012 will be held in Sri Lanka. The tournament will be start from 18 September 2012. There will four groups with three teams of each. Schedule At A Glance: Group round: 18 Sep – 25 Sep Super Eight: 27 Sep – 02 Oct Semi Final: 04 Oct – 05 Oct Final: 07 September...
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    English Today: Complete Multimedia Courses

    Looking for a quality English language learning program? gives you vast opportunity to learn English Easily. English Today is an innovative product for English language learning, designed to gain maximum advantage from the DVD format and aimed at the needs of the target consumer...
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    Visit My Newly Created Site Forums plz..!

    Hello, I've created a forum on my site using phpBB. Forum is only one day old. Please visit my forum and if you can please register there and create some new post. Thanks. Address is
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    how to create registration or login system using php

    From this article you can easily learn about how to create registration or login system in your website using PHP. Don’t worry about php just you need to copy and paste as we provide all required code (There is a download link also for all codes). Now create members for your website and also you...
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    earning easy money from home

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    How is my site going

    I've developed an information based wordpress site. Its now 3 months old and getting some popular around the world. Is there any suggestion to improve it..? Site address is
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    men shortlist for the fifa ballon d’Or gala 2011

    The competitors for the FIFA Ballon d’or award and for the FIFA coach of the year 2011 for men’s Football award have been unveiled. Here is the list of 23 men for ballon d’or award and for fifa top ten world coach of the year 2011 for men’s football....CLICK HERE for full story..
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    virtual Windows8 Beta as desktop application

    Download virtual windows 8 beta simulator to your computer for free. I've find it while i'm trying to search windows 8 beta. I think that this may be similar to real windows 8 Beta. Get it now