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    [OFF] Rising Internet Security 2009 Contest

    [OFF] Free Rising Internet Security 2009 I haven't used this for I have already got an internet security on my computer that will not let me install Rising Internet Security. EDIT: No one seems to know about Rising or everyone already has a Lockerz account so Im closing the contest...
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    IQ tests

    I just did 3 random IQ Tests... 116 on this one 120 on this one 131 on this one All above 110, which is above average, so I'm happy :happysad: What's your IQ?
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    Happy Mother's DAY!

    Happy Mother's DAY to all mothers out there today! Well I tried to make a breakfast/brunch for my mom this morning, but most of it got burnt... Im not a good cooker :dunno: I guess im just gonna buy something for her instead
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    Review my site -

    I made an Online Web Instant Messaging website. Check it out! It's used for easy IMing between friends, without installing any program. All you got to do is register an account with any username you want, get your friends to register on my site, then add their usernames on...
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    700 Creds for 50Cents

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    1,000 Creds for Logo

    I need a logo of the word "Dollarama" I want it to be like "Do$arama" but instead the dollar sign will have 2 lines through it instead of one. I will pay 1,000 credits to whoever makes it the best
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    Solar Power Vs. Wind Power

    or Personally i think solar power would be better... It's much more affordable and available to the general public. Windmills are too big... Solar power has been around longer. What do you think?
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    Xp theme for Vista

    I just got a laptop with Vista on it. I find that the transparency slows down my laptop very much.Even when i turn it off, it's still slow. The only thing that doesn't make it slow that much is the classic theme... I was wondering if there's an XP theme for Vista.
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    How Much Unread Emails?

    I was just checking one of my alternate email addresses that I don't use but only sign up for offers and stuff with it and I found that I had 1215 unread emails. How Much Unread Emails do you have in your alternate email address?
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    Free Advertising

    Just started a free pixels site. Info: Maximum height is 100 Maximum width is 350 *Edited*
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    I want to giveaway my domain i won

    I won a domain here and got it registered by Corey not too long ago. i want to give it away, but i dont know how. The reason why i want to is in the link above.
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    My Team Broke Apart

    We had a huge argument and now my team broke apart leaving me the site, since I was the one who made it. We are no longer making portable stuff and since I have no use for the site, I'm Giving away the Domain for free. I won it in the promos so you may have to ask Corey to change...
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    Vote for My site for 10 Credits

    Click on the link on the right bar of my site ( that says, "Vote for Us By Clicking This Link: Directory" I will pay you 10 credits. 1 Click per person, because I don't know how they work and they probably track IP Address.
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    Construct - Make Directx Games It's free and I think people here would find it really interesting.
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    True random number generator

    I found a cool app that generates random numbers.
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    Win a Rapidshare Premium Account

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    Need help with

    I got 9909 Rapidshare Points. I just need around 100 points more and I will be able to get a rapidshare premium account. Of course I have no use for it, so I might think of starting a draw or something for people to enter and win it. A lot of people here use, but I don't know how...
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    GAOTD is GONE!

    NO! I can't seem to go on today! Anyone else have same problem? Edit: Okay now it works! Guess they were updating site :) Atleast I still got today's giveway! Today's Giveaway of the Day is Hide Photos
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    Close your eyes, and listen.

    After seeing this thread and what I put, do exactly what the title says and close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Post what you hear within a couple seconds and try to type with your eyes closed. What i hear: okay i hear someone coughing and i hear the tv on... someone stomping...
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    Looking 4 a Wordpress Forum Plugin

    I'm looking for a plugin for wordpress that'll add a forum to my wordpress site. I know of XDForum, but I cannot get it to install and work properly. Also, if anyone finds one that I can install and it works fine, I'll give them 50 creds. Edit:i got xdforum working so I don't need any other...