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  1. Hoobrum

    Vox - CPanel License Expired

    Hi - it looks like on the Vox server, it's saying that the Cpanel license is expired (which might be the reason why the database isn't working for sites hosted on it - at least mine anyway).
  2. Hoobrum

    Read-only file system

    Hi, I can't do anything on my account, every edit I make through ftp it says: [L] 550 _vti_inf.html: Read-only file system [L] Transfer Failed! It won't let me edit, delete or upload files. And it's complaining that everyhing is read-only file system. I'm on hosting system: boru
  3. Hoobrum

    Control Panel Change

    Hi, Just wondering whether you could change the text in the control panel to say Active rather than unsuspended. It makes it clearer to users.
  4. Hoobrum

    Link Exchange for Everyone

    Hi, I've set up an automatic link exchange on my site. If you want to exchange links for whatever your site is (must have original content, not be porn/spam/warez/illegal/affiliate page, be of actual value to users). Just visit and click submit link and enter your...
  5. Hoobrum

    borunew not working?

    Hi! My account isn't working . just wondering if there are any issues with the server 'borunew'?
  6. Hoobrum

    X10Hosting Uptime Fluctuating

    The name sounds much sexier than what I'm about to explain. Been monitoring the uptime and am hosted on, as opposed to and the server keeps going down, like every day it bounces between online and offline at least like 2-3 times. It doesn't seem to be wrong, is...
  7. Hoobrum

    exofire down?

    Is exofire down, I saw one post in the announcements section but it was locked and it ended on a low note as if exofire was shutting down or not going to be operational. any update on what's going on?