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  1. sarvar

    [300] Small logout button

    Hi all, I would like to have 38x13 button that should say Logout for exchange of 300 x10hosting credits. It should be identical to the image provided. Please include PSD for future uses. Thanks.
  2. sarvar

    [600] New/Top images

    Hello all, I would like to have 1 button for top list and 1 for new list for an exchange of 600 x10hosting credits. Just to clarify, one with text New and a symbol next to it; other with text Top and a symbol next to it. It should be around 145x45px or at reasonable size. REQs: Must be...
  3. sarvar

    Question about vBCommerce

    I've been curious, how do you actually add an item. I've clicked almost every button there, no clue. I've even Googled it.
  4. sarvar

    [350] Logo Needed for MP3 based site.

    Hey all, I would like to offer 450 credits for 2 logos. First one should be like background & pic maybe. The other one should be the text that will be on the background logo. Both of the has to have same background. First one should be 778x228, and the text one should be 170x107. Something...
  5. sarvar

    Review my site.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently developing this site. I have just finished the graphics/template with help of some sites. Does the template look good for my site? Please give suggestions/comments. Thanks. P.S: Site will be moved to different host today due to copyright infringement, no other...
  6. sarvar

    PHP Muilti-Language script

    Hey, I recently made a php script on my site which allows visitors to change the language. I made languages folder and stored en.php, ru.php and uz.php with translations. Then I pulled the language file with this code. // Get user language $lang = $_GET['lang']; switch($lang){...
  7. sarvar

    First result doesn't show.

    Hey x10 members, I'm working on a site that streams mp3 from different server ( My mp3 page lists all results from the search query. When I type a query which has 1 matching result, page doesn't list it. If I type query that has 2 or more matches it lists them but...
  8. sarvar

    Is hosting mp3s allowed?

    Well, I know copyrighted mp3s are not, but how about foreign mp3's that don't even have copyright? Is it allowed?
  9. sarvar

    Plz Delete my account

    Hi, I want one of my account removed... I didn't see anywhere you where supposed to have only 1 account until I came to other post which was by Corey. I can PM you with account I want it to be removed.