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  1. chewett

    Why i shall be telling everyone NOT to use x10hosting

    I have used x10 hosting for a number of years and been very happy with it. Recently i moved my primary domain to another webhosting and have been looking to change the focus of my x10 hosted site. However it seems that x10 dont actually care about you if you are on free hosting. I have opened a...
  2. chewett

    Include issues with Cron Jobs

    Im currently using a cron job to run a script each time, So far so good. It runs the script using the following cron command /usr/bin/php /home/chewett/public_html/dir/file.php >>/home/chewett/public_html/cronlog.txt 2>&1 But the problem occurs when my file is run, because i have...
  3. chewett

    News Post for Curl being closed?

    Where exatly is the post where it says curl is being disabled? i have looked but cant actually find it in the news and announcements forum Im probably just being blind. Hopefulyl the point will clarify the second point of, can it be activated for certain users or domains?
  4. chewett

    Cron Job Help

    Iv read quite a lot of the cronjob help requests here, But i simply cannot get my crons to work initially i had mine on so it would do it each minute (just to see if it would trigger) but nothing came. Im going to leave it on hourly just to see if it works overnight. My command that i am...
  5. chewett

    Inability to access cpanel

    I cant access cpanel, I have tried with my current password, and changed my password and still cannot access it What would be my username and password? Currently i have tried my username as my account name or email address, and tried the correct password and it still would not let me log...
  6. chewett

    Curl Safe Mode?

    I was using Curl and tried to enable redirects but get this error, Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in Does this mean i cant use redirects in curl with X10? If so are there other...
  7. chewett


    Lately iv been mucking around with php and stuff and decided im going to try and small project Long story short im playing around with making some kind of browser based strategic game. But the main problem is im not entirely sure on some ideas So i have been looking at travian and would...
  8. chewett

    i cant access my website

    i cannot access my website and i cant remember where i can check server status Edit: well im not a genius but after searching i found Apache HTTP Offline and i dont think this is good
  9. chewett

    how to keep the account active

    how do i keep the account active i understand i have to log in every two weeks but do i have to lo onto the forum OR cpanel?
  10. chewett

    keep my account unsuspended

    is it just to log into the forums or do i have to post something? thanks
  11. chewett

    session_start() problems

    does anyone have any knowledge of Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at XXX) in XXX on line X i worked out what this is i had a line before my <php tag all i had to do was remove it
  12. chewett

    help please

    i have set up my phpbb thingy but when i go to login in i get Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in /home/chewett/public_html/phpBB2/includes/template.php(174) : eval()'d code on line 174 i have seen some people are having the same problems but i don't really...
  13. chewett


    what do i have to do to stop my account being deleted? eg log onto forum once a week
  14. chewett

    1 quick question

    i have chosen the ad free choice 1. i dont have to have ads do i? 2. can i upgrade later to ad enhanced 3. how do i get credits 4. this is a great site and i will use it a lot