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    Can't log into my cPanel

    I'll update this thread for you if theres any news. In the meantime, have you tried to login again?
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    Site down

    See if you can log into cPanel from the account panel.
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    Hosting Domain Modification - Error Code: 1E9F63B0

    Try deleting the request and trying again.
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    Free hosting is still available

    Try signing up here:
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    2 Subdomains

    Adfree-unlimited accounts are limited to 2 subdomains.
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    Starka server not responding

    Update: Corey says it's due to the file scanner which checks for the illegal files in accounts. The issue should be resolved soon.
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    Starka server not responding

    Starka seems to be having issues at the moment. I already contacted an admin about it.
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    Like my signature?

    Mine signature is similar, but displays who last reps me. On the white one you should try adding a black border.
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    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

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    Count to 1 Million

    2376 Shouldn't it be 2385??
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    Old backups?

    Well there's no way to tell exactly what happened. If by some chance your account wasn't suspended during the first part of the move changes could have been made to the database after it was copied over.
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    Site not up and cpanel gets certificate warning

    The certificate warning is because of the certificate not being setup yet. It's alright to proceed, and if you want to avoid it altogether you can use until it is fixed.
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    Hosting Account Signup Failure (Error Code C0D0B733)

    The password supplied must be between 1 and 16 characters in length. This means that you password needs to be less than 16 letters/number/etc.
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    Transferred to Fris and lost my account

    Log into cPanel and click on Remote MySQL. Add the following:
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    Can't log into my cPanel

    Hopefully Derek will escalate this like I asked.
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    Still No Site

    In cPanel filemanager, make sure that /public_html/131-176-medium/dangle-earrings-with-blue-green-tone-paper-beads-and-blue-green-glass-fragment-beads.jpg exists. If it doesn't, then either its an htaccess issue or some files got lost during the move.
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    Google Ads

    Yes, you can use adsense on your site.
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    Can't log into my cPanel

    Hmm.. Then this needs to be escalated to administration.. (I can't personally escalate it until I reach 750 posts)
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    site software

    Try Fantastico de Luxe in cPanel. x10Hosting doesn't use cPAddons.
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    Can't log into my cPanel

    Is your website loading? Try changing your password in the account panel.