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    Account stuck on "Website Temporarily Disabled"

    I believe my site is stuck as "Temporarily Disabled". According to the page it says my account should be restored at the start of the next hour, but it never is. This also happened last month, so I believe this is a glitch again. If it is not a glitch, could I possible get more information on...
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    Account stuck as "Website Temporarily Disabled"

    Hi, For some reason my account is stuck in the "Website Temporarily Disabled" state. Every hour I check and it is never cleared. I have completely removed the domain that I thought was causing the issue, but my site still shows as disabled. Is this a glitch? Are there steps I can take to...
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    PHP Strict Standards?

    Why exactly is PHP in strict standards mode? I think this is a very recent change, but I'm running SMF and their time standards are apparently not up to PHP strict standards.
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    What is causing 'high resource usage'?

    I'm just curious, what files / pages are causing my 'high resource usage'? My website gets very minimal traffic and 99% of my traffic is to a mostly untouched SMF installation and I'm quite sure that SMF is fairly well optimized. Thanks.
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    Question about upgrading to Premium.

    Hello, I was just curious about what would happen to my "double everything" packages if I was to upgrade to premium hosting? Are they only valid on free hosting packages, or are they still valid for premium hosting packages too? Thanks.
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    Suspension / Page unavailable

    Hello, Recently (the past 2 - 3 days) my site has been redirecting to a page that says "The page you have requested is temporarily unavailable." What's up with this? Additionally I have been suspended twice so far for high resource usage. The second one was within an hour of unsuspending the...
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    Issues with Chopin

    Hello, My website is currently messed up after the file restore. When I go to my subdomain (, I get errors. When I go to my domain (, I get a default Apache / CPanel page. (This may be a cache issue, but I tried it on several different web...
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    What is causing high resource usage?

    Hello, could someone please tell me specifically what files / activities on my website are causing high resource usage on my website? Thank you.
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    Multiple accounts question

    I'm not quite sure about how this rule has changed since I last checked, but when I first registered here I think there was a rule that you can only have one account per something, I forgot what that per something is. Is it per house? Per person? Per IP? The reason I ask is because my parents...
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    New HTTP changes really messed up my site.

    My website has been working for YEARS until now. These new HTTP changes have really messed up my site and I have no idea how to fix this: Any help?
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    New design feedback

    Hey. I've been working on putting this redesign together for awhile now and I'm looking for some feedback. I'm mainly concerned about how evenly everything is spaced out and how visually appealing it is. The functionality is far from complete, but I wanted to get some feedback on this before I...
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    Shoutbox question.

    I was re-reading through the TOS and realized that shoutboxs are apparently against the TOS. I currently have a shoutbox on my website that I wrote and it does not auto refresh and there is a throttle on the number of times one can refresh it per minute. This does not use up a high amount of...
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    Extend the length of cPanel cookie?

    I don't know why, but the cPanel cookie never lasts longer than a day. This is really annoying because cPanel also makes the field on the main page non autocomplete so I have to type in my username and password every time I want to login. Is there anyway or any setting that I can change so that...
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    Download a backup with new backup feature?

    I want to download a backup like with the old backup feature in CPanel. However, this new backup software is simply terrible. Could someone please explain to me how exactly I am supposed to download a backup of my dictionaries with this new software? Thanks :\.
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    Java applet embedding?

    Does x10 hosting disable applet embedding? I am trying to embed a java applet and it does not show up. I know the html is correct, and the .class file is in the proper dictionary. Whoops, I had a null pointer which was preventing the applet from showing. My bad.....
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    Site / Cpanel not working...

    Hi, if I try to go to my Cpanel, I get a connection failed error. If I go to my website, I get a 404 error. Account: zlools Site: Server: Stoli (spelling?) Also, if I try to log onto the main site ( I get this: Any help would be great, my site first went...
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    Website is constantly down

    For the past 2 weeks my website has been down at least 6 hours a day if not more. I have checked server alerts and there's nothing currently posted about this, so I think I should make this topic. Is there any reason for my site being down constantly?
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    Need a graphics artist!

    So today my current graphics artist told me that he can no longer make graphics for me because he is too busy. So now I need a new graphics artist. I will keep this brief. Note: This is for a website. You need the following: 1. Be able to draw in a pixel art type style. 2. You must have a...
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    Creating another user for my SQL Databases in phpmyadmin.

    I was reading on the PhpMyAdmin website and it said to manage your users you should click on the "Privileges" link on the main page. I do not see this link. I was wondering if x10 Hosting disabled the ability to create more than 1 phpMyAdmin user. I really need more than 1 because I need a...
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    ParanoidK - My website.

    Click the banner above to navigate to the site OR click the link below: So, where to begin. Well, basically, this is my website that I've created. I am the only one who does the coding of the website, and I have one other person doing the graphics, so please keep in mind...