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    Use ValueBux To Earn Money!

    Hello friends, today I am here to introduce you guys to a PTC site that I recently found. It is called ValueBux and it looks very promising. It has a nice design and works great. Why should you use ValueBux? It offers INSTANT PAYMENTS!They offer referral give aways. More information can be...
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    [Prizes] Gamers Please Read This The above website offers prizes in return for points you earn by playing some of your favorite games. The amount of points you earn is related to the amount of time you spend playing games. Although it takes a while to get a prize it's still better than getting nothing while...
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    INSTANT payout with BUXOUT

    Below is the referral links: BUXOUT.COM Below is the non-referral link: Why should you use BUXOUT.COM? offers instant payouts which means no wait time for your money to arrive. There are no offers to complete, all you have to do is open up the link for 30...
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    [OFF]Need Referrals

    Below is the referral links: BUXOUT.COM Below is the non-referral link: BUXOUT.COM I need people to register with my referral link and to post their username below. I am offering 1 credit per click and will pay everytime you reach 10 clicks. Why should you use BUXOUT.COM...
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    Nvidia v.s. ATI

    Which video card do you prefer? what are the advantages and disadvantages of each company? I was told Nvidia has the top of line graphics but the price is pretty high. ATI on the other hand has good cards too and the price is lower. It's performance can be improved by having multiple cards and...
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    Hey does anyone here play gunbound? I think i might have posted in the wrong column. Please move this to the right column please. Thanks.
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    Hi. I find x10hosting to be an awesome service.
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    Constructive Feedback Please Just take a look around and please give me some feedback. Thanks!